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Handmade red dresses for Valentine’s Day

Red wedding dress

My husband and I don’t make a big deal of Valentine’s day, but if you know me at all, you’ll know I’ll take any excuse to dress up in accordance to the occasion / season / basically anything! So I thought I’d take a look around Etsy and see what dresses I could find that would make the perfect date night outfit for Valentine’s day…

Devi red dress

I’ve come across Devi clothing in Glastonbury, and it’s beautiful. Well made and with quirky designs touched with fun and a mood for dancing. As maker, Amanda Deeley says, it’s not a dress for wallflowers. I love these words she uses for her clothing. “Celebrate your femininity and beauty, your passion and freedom of expression, your sense of fun and adventure. You are a Goddess; shine your light and shake your booty.” Here here to that!


red dancing dress

This dress is also not for wallflowers! Short and flirty, and perfect for a fun-filled Valentine’s date in this gorgeous rich shade of red. This is made by Black Pearl Banyan Tree, a shop based in Brighton, full of festival fashion and clothing with a hippy vibe. This dress is 100% cotton and with that much fabric in the skirt, it’s going to be perfect for dancing!


red 1950's taffeta dress

This gorgeous red Taffeta dress in a 1950’s style is made by Eleanor Callaghan at Dig For Victory. Just like most items in the shop, it’s made to order in a great range of sizes, 6 to 20, but can also be made to fit your measurements, which is a brilliant option. A sparkly pendant necklace would look so glamorous with the  sweetheart neckline and the flared skirt is perfect for a swing dance. (Are you noticing a theme with the dresses I picked? I think I must be in the mood for dancing!)


elegant red dress

This gorgeous red dress is perfect for a more elegant occasion you might be going to. It is in fact listed as a bridesmaid dress, but that doesn’t matter! I think it would be ideal for an evening event. Handmade by Design by C Chic, I love the fluted sleeves, the flowing fabric and the sexy low back. There is also a good variety of sizes and colours to choose from.


red wedding dress

And lastly, here’s a dress for a really special occasion – in fact it would be perfect for getting married in on Valentine’s day if you’re adventurous enough to get married in a red wedding dress! This one is actually handmade by me, and is an example of the clothes I create for Threads of a Fairytale. I made the dress from many layers of luxury reclaimed fabrics for ideal sustainable fashion, and we took the dress to Venice for a really fun and magical photo-shoot.

Will you be wearing red on Valentine’s day this year?

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