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Slissie review

A chance to curb your cravings? A review of the Slissie

This is a new product, so I’ll begin by telling you what on earth a Slissie is! To be honest, it’s a bit difficult to explain, but it’s a weight-loss device that looks a little bit like a vape, and you suck on it like it is a vape, however there’s no actual vapour! Instead, it releases a burst of flavour into your mouth, and the idea is that it will trick your brain into thinking you’ve eaten something sweet, and therefore your cravings will be satisfied without actually having the calories of eating anything…..

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What it’s like to be an Introvert

Move over anxiety; being an introvert is the new fashionable difficulty! I am of course, being slightly tongue-in-cheek, but I when I recently started getting into You Tube, I couldn’t believe how many people are giving their videos titles such as, ‘Coping with anxiety,’ and ‘My depression story.’ I couldn’t help but be a little cynical. Could this many people really be dealing with mental health issues, or has it just become a little fashionable? Then I considered two things…..

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How to exercise in public without worrying about your arse.

This is an ongoing struggle for me and I’ve written a lot more about it than I expected to! I suppose I am picky when it comes to choosing clothes anyway, but not being your average size eight gym bunny, I have certain requirements when it comes to covering myself at the gym or exercise class. “Covering myself” being the operative words here – I am not going to be wearing a crop top and hot pants….

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Ballet workout dvd by Joey Bull

My exercise regime envolves dancing like a loon in my living room with the remote in one hand, flicking through the music channels until I find songs (rather than adverts) that are good to dance to. I am far too vain to join a class or go to the gym – my face literally goes purple when I exercise. However, helpful husband of mine bought me this dvd for my birthday the other day. I have only done it twice so far, but here is my early verdict…

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Those sticky things you put on yourself when the skin is torn, blistered, grazed or cut. Or just for some sympathy.

This is my review on plasters. Not so strange if you’re donning a pair of ex-army boots this summer that you only dig out for festivals. Actually this review could be quite useful for all manners of new footwear.

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