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Snowdrop Inspiration

I was absolutely delighted to find a snow-drop flowering in my garden the other day. Snowdrops definitely rank in my top 5 favourite flowers. There was a garden I used to walk past on my way home from primary school, and it always had a blanket of snow-drops beneath a group of fir trees. They enchanted me. Once, I picked one and I felt guilty about it ever since! Here’s some snow-drop inspired handmade clothing and jewellery….

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Happy New Year!

I hope 2014 brings all you wish for 🙂

I’ve started the new year with a brand new shop! is now up and running and selling alternative clothing for adults and kids. You may remember that used to sell a mix of my handmade clothing and other quirky brands, but recently links to my Etsy shop. So I’ve decided to keep my handmade and vintage brand Oshun on Etsy, and start a new shop for the clothing by Phaze, Susu Mama, Hell Bunny, Feu Follet, Poisen Industries, Strangeways and others. I’m very excited to be re-visiting this business and hope it expands this year. I’ll be adding more stock soon and will be regularly putting items at a reduced price for a limited time, so please join for news and updates.

Well, I’ve stopped being completely distracted by that amazing Sherlock episode and will now post this post!

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Pinning it Together

t-shirtThis article was originally published at Try Handmade. The humble safety pin. Its usual purpose is to act as an emergency fastener when a zip or button breaks, but it has evolved into a legitimate item of alternative fashion…


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Alternative Wedding Dresses

Celebrities and friends are getting married all over the place and photos are appearing everywhere from Hello magazine to Facebook. Unfortunately I haven’t had any invites this year (not even from Kate Moss!) but I do love looking at all the wedding dresses. Of course the wedding of the year was Prince William and Kate Middleton, and whilst I did like her dress, I preferred Lily Allen’s vintage style dresses. The price for all of the ones we see in magazines are usually somewhat astronomical and out of reach for most of us, which makes handmade dresses on sites such as Etsy, even more appealing.
The dress above by blackmirrordesign is no doubt a brave statement to wear as a wedding dress, but if you like it; why not? Surely your wedding day is the best time to wear something that truly reflects you.

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