I still haven’t worked out who I want to be or what I want to do when I grow up, so on this blog please join me while I try and work it out while keeping child-like creativity alive!  Find home and fashion inspiration; travel and days out; photography, writing and more. Have fun looking around 🙂


Work with me

For all enquiries, please contact me at helen@whenIgrowupblog.com

I love collaborating and working with new people as it means I have the chance to get creative with my content and provide my readers with information or advice that I know they’ll find useful and entertaining. I take time and pride in my writing and photography, and sponsored posts will be equally so. My blog has been running for fifteen years and I have a loyal and engaged readership with an Instagram account and YouTube channel that is steadily growing. I am happy to receive gifts or complimentary event tickets in exchange for an honest review. The great thing about this job is having opportunities to connect with other bloggers, brands and companies, so please get in touch!

My audience will be particularly interested in seeing me collaborate with fashion brands; home and interiors; anything arts and crafts or creativity related; UK and abroad travel and events.

I’m sorry, but please don’t contact me about putting your infographics on my blog, it just won’t fit in.

Helen Hobden

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