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The fence is on its way up!

Activity is happening over at Glastonbury festival site. Here are the pictures! The second one is to show it in context to the stone circle, at the top right. Sorry about the haze – on a rare clear day, I’ll take more.

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Funny how a glint of metal can get the heart racing so much 🙂

Thanks for the pics


Glad to see you have your CAPTCHA working again.

I first starting going in 1979 so it will be my 27 th Glasto this year with a unbroken record { apart from the years it was not held }

Looking forward to more images – thanks


Oooooo it’s all getting very exciting……more pics pweeeeease x

Chris wood

I know it’s going up. I’m the poor bugger doing it were just at the top of stone circle field as of tonight (Wednesday) and were working 12 hour days 7 days a week for 28 days straight lol. but on the plus 2 free tickets and nearly a grand a week for 9 weeks erecting and dismantling. Ps. I’m a Glastonbury virgin


To Chris wood – keep up the hard work – there is many people watching the webcam

at http://www.bbc.co.uk/glastonbury/webcam/

so we can see it going up.

You will love Glasto.

Chris wood

I hope it’s everything I expect it to be. The hype is building so much especially after erecting fence and seeing all the activity. Also on a plus note I’ve just received my 2 free tickets (easy pass out) and 1 is for sale (best offer folks) contact. Chipsnegg@live.co.uk



You have mail.

Many Thanks


just to help out Chris Wood

Some people may be puzzled as normal tickets have a face image on it but I presume Chris Wood’s second ticket will be a ticket with no image on it { which is common for some of the crew } so a far better bet than buying a ticket in the hope that you will pass the face check.

Some people do get caught using someone else’s ticket – its a gamble but with a crew ticket there is no gamble.

I have worked at Glastonbury for 22 years and I know all about crew tickets.

Chris wood

Glatso worker
Yeah pal no photo on mine, don’t need daft half ticket either to get in and out. And according to the other lads I can get nearly anywhere in the festival with it. Still have my other one for sale. Add me on Facebook to chat more (and see the photos) chipsnegg u should see a pic of an acoustic guitar.


hey chris wood email me misshelena@mail.com cant get you on facebook if you still have x

Mr Pete

Hi all,

Chris Wood, any chance you have the mentioned (or any other) ticket(s)?

You would instantly jump to the top of my Christmas card list.


Many thanks

Chris wood

Right I get back from isle on man today (Elton John gig) and I’m coming down to Glastonbury Thursday. I’ll b in the pub in pilton (unsure of the name , I think there’s only 1 anyway it’s on the bend as u head back towards Shepton mallet between 12-12:30 so it’s a first come first serve basis and the price is £300 I only have 1 for sale 🙁

Chris wood

Just to let u know a guy called Gaz bought ticket. I expected more to turn up. But nether the less have a good festival Gaz.

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