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Inspired by Nature spirits

spirittopThis article was originally published at Try Handmade. There is something about a bluebell wood with dappled sunlight streaming through the leaves that makes me believe in nature spirits. They’re there, I know they are. I just wish I could see them…

I imagine them often though, wearing clothes made from their surroundings; woven grasses, leaf skirts, flower petal dresses and crowns made from dew drops. They are in fact, just the sort of clothes I’d like to wear myself. Fortunately, talented people are out there making them in actual human adult sizes!

The above outfit by Spiralina from her shop Fractal Wings is made from raw silk with beautiful embellishments and I just love the way the shapes emulate summer leaves. I’m a big fan of her work and actively encourage you all to take a look at her shop. Her philosophy is to offer unique and beautiful clothing that brings out the goddess in us and it is clear that nature inspires her.

Another great item of human-sized clothing is this fantastically cool skirt with a sort-of leaftailleaf tail. Yes, I did indeed say a leaf tail. Unusual yes, but I love it! By Nature Reworked.

felttopNuno felting is like a mysterious magical technique that I will never understand no matter how many you tube tutorials I may watch. This butterfly top by FeuerundWasser utilises this wonder brilliantly. The colours are beautiful too, especially the way the greens and yellows blend into each other.


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