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Anti-Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day isn’t for everyone!

For a start, if you’re single this day comes along just to rub your face in it and remind you just how lonely and miserable you really are.

Then again, you may be half of an old married couple, jaded, worn and cynical, flopped on the settee with little chance of romantic gestures coming your way.

You may even be in a loved up romance in the honeymoon of your relationship – all lovey dovey and squelchy, but with someone else who thinks Valentine’s Day is a corporate con invented to sell more cards that will only end up in the bin anyway.

You may be part of one of those couples who do Date Night every week so you don’t bother with Valentine’s Day because it’s nothing special.

You could be so secure in your relationship; you just don’t need it.

My daughter was saying only yesterday that the only good thing about it is the reduced chocolate the next day. Here’s the perfect dress for you – an anti-Valentine’s dress – red with a very gothic touch! This dress has now sold out, but if you’d like me to make you something, please get in touch: helen@threadsofafairytale.com



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