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Glastonbury Festival 2015 Review Saturday-Sunday & round-up.

A continuation of my review of the best festival; Glastonbury….




On Saturday we made it to the Cabaret tent for the end of Jeremy Hardy and stayed there for Josh Widdicombe and Shappi Khorsandi, both of whom were very funny. Shappi did mis-judge her audience though when doing the joke about not knowing when Harvest Festival is. Didn’t she realise we were in the heart of farming country and very few people there were from central London? You know what to expect with Jeremy Hardy, but my complaint about the Cabaret Tent this year is that lazy comedians thought it would work to just stick in some slagging off of the Conservative Party and think that would go down well. One person (not memorable enough to remember their name) did this; it fell flat on the audience apart from one singular person cheering and they followed this with ‘I know my audience’ despite every single other person not looking impressed! For a start, we’re in the Cabaret tent and expect to be entertained, not preached at (please keep that to the Speaker’s Forum or the Left Field stage), and secondly, one of the newspapers polled the festival-goers and worked out that 70% of them voted Conservative!

To be honest, I’m not sure what I did directly after that, but I ended up meeting friends at the Pyramid Stage, which was jam-packed for George Ezra. Managed to get some shade under the one and only tree in that massive field, and laid down for a snooze. I thought I only drifted off for a minute, but woke up to realise I’d slept through Burt Bacharach singing What the world needs now. Very annoyed about that! Paloma Faith was on afterwards. I was left feeling a bit flat by her performance actually. Last time she came on stage with 2 giant helium balloons strapped to a harness round her waist, and she didn’t better that with the tuxedo suit. Stone Cold Sober was the only song she sang that I really liked as I’m not a fan of her latest 2 albums. I was hoping for more old stuff, but was disappointed. Never mind.

I had a dilemma that evening between Suede in the John Peel tent as I quite fancied a 90s reminisce, and La Soiree in the Circus Big Top. I went with the circus as that act came P1040471recommended and I wouldn’t be able to see them the next night. It was a really good show, but I think I would’ve preferred Suede to be honest, and I’m disappointed I missed them. La Soiree were a mix of extremely good circus acts – particularly a duo aerial performance and the 2 guys doing balancing and acrobatics. However the drag acts and the prom queen thing (I won’t go into details of what she did) I found uncomfortable. The expressions on the stripping magician’s face were priceless (and yes, she did get completely naked).

Sunday came around too quickly and somehow we just didn’t move quick enough in the morning and only caught the last 3 songs of the Lounge Kittens in Cabaret. I’m hoping they’re back next year. Then I happened to catch Professor Elemental on the Sensation Seekers Stage, who was really funny and I definitely want to see again. Then on to Avalon for Ferocious Dog. I couldn’t make my mind up about them to be honest. I really liked the music, but I’m always unsure when there’s a political message involved. I’m dancing away, not sure if I actually agree with the lyrics as you can’t hear them properly.

Then I joined the throngs of people heading towards the Pyramid for Lionel Richie. He was great and I’m so glad I was there for that performance. I was annoyed I didn’t know more of his songs though as the crowd around me were singing along to plenty I didn’t recognise and it would’ve been nice to join in!

After that I went for a last wonder around. I watched 3 Daft Monkeys at the bandstand and they were brilliant. Annoyed I’d just eaten a toasted Goat’s cheese and walnut sandwich, so couldn’t really do the jumpy dancing I would’ve liked to! Then to the Craft field and watched some wood-turning, which I’m interested in starting, and caught up my with my friend Amanda from wildwood willow. Then back to the Pyramid for the end of Paul Weller to ensure a spot for The Who. We missed them last time they played as we had to go home early for my daughter’s school trip, so we were absolutely thrilled when we foundP1040485 out they were playing again. Another rock legend to tick off the list! And they truly were amazing. Again everyone around me were singing along and I had expected to know more songs, but it didn’t matter. It was a very good way to end the festival.

Glastonbury 2015 round-up: I think this was the worst line-up ever for me for main bands, but of course there is still plenty to do and I still didn’t see enough in the circus Big Top. I also really enjoy finding new bands and discovering I really like them! The best thing about this year was the atmosphere. It’s weird how this can change so much from year to year, but I felt this one was particularly chilled and everyone seemed relaxed and happy. The good weather (for most of the time) obviously helps with this.

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