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Weekly Wardrobe

Not Dressed As LambWith a rare forecast of three days in a row without rain, I decided to set myself up with my sewing machine outside, where I can look up and see Glastonbury Festival being put together in the fields nearby. In a couple of weeks time, the cup carriers and bottle bags I’m making will be for sale there at Water Aid stalls. Anyway, my outfits this week were mainly based around comfort! The link-up with NotDressedAsLamb involved tote bags this week. Well, the only time I actually went out and needed a bag, was to choir, as I needed something that day to carry my folder of music….


The pink vest in this outfit came from Glastonbury Festival, where I buy most of my clothes every year. This top is from several years ago (I don’t remember the name of the stall) and I bought one in brown as well as it’s so difficult to find vests long enough to cover your bum. The label is Popeye and Olive. I’m wearing it with a pair of maroon bloomers from Haruka in Glastonbury town.



Here are the same bloomers the next day, with a long black top from Zara that was originally white, but I think got a bit stained, so I put it in with a black dye when I was dyeing my husband’s shirts (he ordered two that looked beige online, but turned out to be a little too pink!)
Here I am on last year’s birthday present – the hanging egg chair. I absolutely love it and it’s so comfortable. I often take out my laptop and notebooks and get some writing done outside.



There’s a small shop down one of the little alleyways in Bath and unfortunately I can’t for the life of me remember its name. I always pop in there and in the end of summer sale last year, I picked up this dress by Made In Italy. I can see myself living in this dress the warmer weather as it’s so easy to wear and comfortable, but the shape is a little bit quirky too. I also love the polka dots on the linen fabric. My blue shoes are from Clarks.



This wraparound dress is from Fat Face and I love the purpley plum colour as well as the flattering style. I bought the bag in Walmart when we were on holiday in America last year. I’ll be honest, I hadn’t used it until this theme from NotDressedAsLamb came up. I like a good shoulder bag and I knew that when I bought it, but I loved the soft shades of the floral print on the canvas and the small leather embellishments, and on top of that, the bargain price of £11 meant I couldn’t leave the bag behind. Now that I’ve thought of a regular purpose for it, I’ll always keep my choir music inside and hang the bag on our coat-rack rather than stuffing the folder in a corner of the kitchen dresser all week. Much prettier!


If this post hasn’t quite been baggy enough, please take a look at this one, about a dress I made entirely out of tote bags given out at Glastonbury Festival.

Glastonbury Bag Dress

Glastonbury Bag Dress


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