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Weekly Wardrobe – Summer Dresses (Glastonbury Festival edition!)

The day of the week for these posts have been a little random lately – sorry about that! Glastonbury Festival just messes with my schedule, and I’m notNot Dressed As Lamb sure it will get much better as I’m quite busy over the next few weeks. However, I’m going to do my best to get these back on track and uploaded on Mondays. The misty drizzle that’s more-or-less settled itself over Pilton was not ideal for NotDressedAsLamb‘s theme of summer dresses this week. I did manage to wear a couple though, but with a cardigan over the top!

My Glastonbury Festival wardrobe was a little more muted than usual this year due to the mud. I didn’t want it to stain my favourite bloomers and it’s probably quite difficult to wash off my pink sequin hotpants. My Dunlop wellies, however, were worn every single day. The pocket hip belt is from Devi, and the bottle bag I made myself and can be bought from Oshun Creations. The brilliant sequinned welly cuffs were from Claires. (By the way, if you’re interested to see what’s in my hip belt, I made a ‘What’s in my bag’ style You Tube video.)

Festival fashion

Festival fashion

Circus skirt

Circus skirt

The black t-shirt here was from New Look and I bought the skirt from a stall at the Glastonbury Frost Fair, but I can’t tell you who by as it doesn’t have a label. I love the circus feel of it though.


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This was my favourite outfit of the week. I wore a simple brown vest from New Look with a cropped waistcoat-type top over the top. It’s a shame I didn’t get a picture of the back because as if the front lacing and buckles on the shoulder straps weren’t cool enough – the back has a long lace piece that hangs lower than my skirt (I’ll admit, that’s not difficult), so it looks a bit like a circus ring-mistress top. The short sleeved tie up cardigan from La Redoute had to be worn most of the day to keep the chilly wind off.
I haven’t worn the skirt, from Hoi Polloi for a very long time as it is a little too short for most occasions, but what the hell – I think I’ll get it (and my legs) out a little more often now. Also I wore little antlers on hairclips – you can just about see them in the last photo, thought they do camouflage a bit. They came from a stall at Glastonbury Avalon Fairy fair and I was really happy with how comfortable they were and how well they stayed in.


ww4-6 ww4-7

I made this dress for myself last summer ready for when I had an Oshun stall at the New Forest Fairy Festival, and I was glad to have another opportunity to wear it. They are made to order in any colour you like on Oshun Creations, or there’s a couple ready to ship. I wore it with a cropped cardigan I bought at a jumble sale – originally white but I dyed it black. The labels were cut out so I can’t tell you where it’s from. The Lord of the Rings elven style silver head band was a birthday present from my daughter.


ww4-10 ww4-11 ww4-12

This blue dress is an old faded one from Joe Browns and I didn’t mind subjecting it to the mud. I thought the net crochet pieces at the top and the lace overlay made it feel quite festivaly! It’s a bit too revealing on its own, so I wore a grey vest underneath, along with leggings and an old New Look cardigan to keep me warm.

Although the trend this week wasn’t for warmth and sunshine, at least it didn’t actually rain here too much, so I was able to show off my outfits at Glastonbury Festival without covering them up too often with a giant poncho!

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