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Weekly Wardrobe – Polkadots

When I found out the theme for #IwillwearwhatIlike was polkadots, I thought, yes! I can really go for it this week! I’d already worn my red polkadot dress for the red, white and blue theme recently, so this black and white one is my best option. I do think of the 1950s with a spotty pattern, so I had a go with winged cat eyes for my make-up this time. I’m not sure how successful I was – I need to invest in a good liquid eyeliner I think, but I don’t think I did too badly with my chunky Benefit Bad Gal pencil….







I put the dress together with a red belt that must’ve come with a different outfit a while ago. The fabulous shoes are Irregular Choice. I wouldn’t ordinarily go for matching shoes and dress (I think I would normally choose red shoes with this outfit) but come on, the theme is polkadots!! So I completely ran with it and picked polkadot dress, polkadot shoes and a polkadot hairband too! And why not? it’s just a bit of fun.

Irregular Choice shoes

Irregular Choice shoes





For some reason the labels are cut out of the dress and I’ve had it too long to remember why or whether I bought it like that – I’m sorry, I have no idea. I found one online that is extremely similar though.
Shop the look:

Womens 1950s Vintage Polka Dots Sleeveless Swing Cocktail Party Dresses L

by Grace Karin Retro Dress [Grace Karin Retro Dress]
Price: - -

Camera equipment used on this shoot:

And as usual I’m linking with Not Dress as Lamb for #IwillwearwhatIlike. Not Dressed As Lamb

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I love the matching shoes!



Thank you! Well I had a polkadot dress and I had a pair of polkadot shoes, so why not wear them together?! (Sorry for the late reply.)



Ooh very cute! The red belt pulls the look together



Thank you! Yes there definitely needed to be a little splash of colour in the outfit, and as it wasn’t with the shoes, a bright red belt was the best option! (Sorry for the late reply.)


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