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Game of Thrones costume ideas

Winter is coming and that means halloween is creeping up on us, so I thought I’d start you off with ideas for costumes from the famous HBO series, Game of Thrones. I’ll be honest, I didn’t get into it straight away – I think we gave up on it after a few episodes because I thought it was too violent and gratuitous and already characters I liked got killed. Then I knew I was going to meet Maisie Williams (Arya Stark) as she was going to judge the competition where we made items of clothing from old books. So I had to watch it, just in case it came up in conversation! So we ploughed through, and it wasn’t until the third series when I actually started enjoying it. Then I really got into it! Here are some ideas from Etsy….

All these costumes are not only perfect for Halloween, but if you cosplay, dress up for Comic Con or have a Game of Thrones themed event. then they’re ideal. They can all be re-used at fancy dress parties as other characters too, such as knights, warriors, medieval princesses or famous queens. If you click on the pictures they’ll take you to the item for sale.

If you’d like to dress up as ultimate queen bitch, Cersei Lannister, this red velvet dress from Camelot Costumes would certainly do the trick with its large flowing sleeves. Cutting your hair to within an inch of its life is optional.

Cersei Lannister dress, Game of Thrones costume

Cersei Lannister dress, Game of Thrones costume

I was amazed by this Jon Snow costume – it looks fantastic! Using real leather for the tunic and sheepskin for the cape, it’s perfect for a Game of Thrones costume. Made by Suzanne Weaver at Kazaz4U11.

Jon Snow Game of Thrones costume

Jon Snow Game of Thrones costume

Brienne of Tarth is one of my favourite characters. I hope she doesn’t die any time soon, but she’s bound to, isn’t she?! In the mean time, I think she’d make an excellent character to dress up as, and one that I expect most other people won’t think of doing. You’d need a sword as well, of course. This clever outfit is from Handcrafted Armours and is made of leather, but still looks very effective as armour.


Brienne Game of Thrones costume

Spoiler alert if you haven’t watched the last series: I did love Margaery Tyrell, and I’m going to miss her a lot. I’d hoped to find a good replica of her wedding dress as that has to be my favourite Game of Thrones costume of all series so far, but although I didn’t find one, there is this lovely dress by Ask Kaylee Frye.

Margaery Tryell dress

Margaery Tryell dress

And lastly, here’s my iconic Khaleesi costume in Oshun Costumes from series one, when Daenerys Targaryen is with the Dothraki. This particular costume is made to order, however there are a few that are ready to ship right now, if you’re interested.

Khaleesi costume

Khaleesi costume

I was surprised that there weren’t more handmade costumes in the UK for the Game of Thrones theme, but I suppose it isn’t quite as big over here as it isn’t on a free channel. It’s worth catching up on though on dvd if you’d like to know what the rest of the world are talking about!

Are you planning on dressing up for Halloween? I’d love to see photos too!



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