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Weekly wardrobe – gothic circus look for a beach walk!

Rain chose a walk on the beach as her family activity for her birthday, so yesterday afternoon we drove over to Brean and parked up past all the tacky arcades to as near to the cliff as you can get. It’s a handy carpark with a National Trust shop, cafe, and (most importantly) loos. Sunny and hot one minute and cloudy with a chilly wind the next, it was difficult to know what to wear. I opted for layers with a steampunk circusy vibe; and why not? ….


The glass pendant necklace came from a stall at Glastonbury Festival several years ago and is a well-worn favourite of mine.



I knew I was going to wear my walking trainers, and not wanting to wear trousers that would end up wet and sandy up to the knee, I thought a skirt and leggings would be the best option. I also think shorter skirts look better with chunky shoes, and that decided it for me really as I don’t own many short skirts. I bought this purple frilly one for £10 from a stall at Glastonbury Frost Fayre last year. I met the lady who made it, but she hadn’t put a label in the skirt, so I’m afraid I can’t tell you the name of her business, if indeed she has one.



The black hoody was a Christmas present from Chris, and is from naughty website, Suicide Girls. It isn’t an item they stock any more, so I’m glad I got it while I had the chance. It’s my best-fitting hooded top – actually shaped for a women, and I love the slightly puffed shoulders for a vintage look.



I really like the alternative designs on the sleeves. They’re just subtle enough not to be too grrrr and in your face punk! Of course, the thumb hole detail finishes off the emo style perfectly.


The Peter Storm walking shoes were another Christmas present – this time from my Mum last year. They’re comfortable and did the job yesterday, but when walking through wet dewy grass, they aren’t as waterproof as the waterproof label on them might have you believe!

Shop the look:

Skirt by Technodolly

Skirt by Technodolly

Or for a bit shorter:

Glass necklace by HandmadeGem

Glass necklace by HandmadeGem

Camera Equipment:

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What sort of look would you go for for an autumn walk on the beach?


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