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Weekly Wardrobe – my winter coat

There was nothing else I could do this week other than have my weekly wardrobe in my coat and gloves. God, it was freeeezing! I even had quite a nice dress on underneath, but that will have to wait for another day! We were also outside and in again pretty sharpish as we only had a few minutes before the remains of the sunset completely vanished…..

This coat is the most amazing coat ever. Beside the fact that it’s red (what better colour is there?), it’s also the most flattering design and I always get complimented when I wear it anywhere. It was actually a Christmas present from Chris the year before last – didn’t he do well? He knew I wanted a new coat; searched the internet and found this one by Chesca at Debenhams. Despite not having a lining, and feeling quite thin, the fabric is 60% viscose and 40% wool and that wool count really does the trick in keeping me warm.

Red coat

Red coat


The best thing about this red coat is that my mood just lifts when I wear it – I always feel that little bit more confident and stylish, no matter what I have on underneath. The flared part swooshes out when I stride down the street and I feel like a warrior queen from Game of Thrones or something!




So the only other thing to tell you about this outfit is the brown gloves that cost £2.50 from Tesco a couple of years ago, and the Toggi boots. These boots were a luxury purchase for me, and I’ll be honest, I’m a little disappointed in them. I specifically wanted a pair of waterproof boots that looked a lot better than wellies. This is so that I can walk across the fields to get to an event in the village and turn up with dry feet and look like I might be a fashionable horse-owner rather than I’ve just fed the chickens at the bottom of the garden in the rain (which I probably have.) Sadly after just a few months, the rubber came away from the top of the foot part, allowing all the water to come through to my soak socks rather quickly. They’re still good for dry days or general town-wear, but if anyone has any recommendations for knee-length waterproof boots that look good and will be comfy to walk in; I will forever be in your debt if you could pleeeease let me know!

Toggi boots

Toggi boots

Shop the look:




CLEARANCE - Womens/Ladies Winter Gloves (One Size) (Brown)

by Universal Textiles [Universal Textiles]
Price: £3.99 -

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jodie filogomo

A statement coat makes such a wonderful buy!!
I love this color on you!



Thank you Jodie, red is my favourite colour – I think I need more clothes in it!


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