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Weekly Wardrobe – dressing for confidence

On Saturday I went to my first ever blogging event – Mumsnet’s Blogfest in London. Not being sure what to expect, and not being the most outgoing of people in the world, the outfit I wore had to be just right so I’d feel as good as I can in an uncomfortable situation. Basically, I wanted my dress to do the confidence for me! So this is what I went with….



I like 1950’s style dresses as they seem to suit my figure and are a little bit different to fashion you might ordinarily find on the high street. I really wanted a floral dress on a black background, but didn’t actually expect to find something so specific, so was really glad when I did! The black means I can wear black leggings underneath, rather than thin skin-coloured tights that I’d be cold in. The floral pattern is bright and cheerful and would hopefully convey those things about my personality even if I wasn’t one hundred percent feeling it at the time! I had a few compliments from the lovely ladies at the event, so I was very happy. 🙂


The dress by the way is by Yafex and I bought it from Amazon and it came the next day by Prime even though it was about 6pm when I placed the order; so I was impressed with that.


The burgundy cardigan to wear with it was from Lindy Bop. The short length of it is perfect for showcasing the flary-ness of the skirt of the dress and the long sleeves and wool content kept me nice and warm.


I scoured photos of other people’s outfits at last year’s event to try and figure out what the temperature in the building would be! I have to say the warm cardigan with bare arms underneath was well judged – I rolled my sleeves up when I got a little warm, but most of the day I was just right!


The brown suede ankle boots are an ebay buy and are Clarks. I thought comfortable footwear would be vital, but as we were sitting down for much of the day, I could have got away with something a little more daring, but never mind – better to be safe than sorry.


The pale grey bag was a last minute change as the one I’d planned on taking didn’t go with the dress! This is a second hand Kipling bag from ebay. I love all the organising bits inside Kipling bags – I’m definitely going to look at these more in the future as well.

I do think it’s important to be confident in what you wear, particularly if you’re feeling a bit unsure of the situation you’re in. I was comfortable all day and also felt that I looked (if it wasn’t for the 4:45am alarm; long journey and walk in the rain) the best I could, so I was able to not worry about that, and focus on listening and talking to people. It was a really good day!



Shop the look:



(Same but different colour) 


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Do you have a favourite outfit you go to to feel great?


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Tina vob Tinaspinkfriday

Dear Helen, I love 50ties dresses. You look amazing in this dress and Cardigan. I’m in love with Lindy bop and Hell bunny dresses 🙂
xxxx Tina



Thank you so much Tina 🙂 Yes I agree, they are lovely dresses – I have a Hell Bunny sailor’s dress that I can’t wait to wear in summer again!



You do look lovely in this 50’s style dress! I always tend to the comfort shoes too, because when your feet hurt, you can’t have fun : > Thanks for linking, xo




Thank you Patti! I’ve decided I wasn’t built for heels! Unless it’s a bit of a platform, I tend to go flat-soled for shoes and boots and I agree; if you’re comfortable you can have more fun!


Maggie Donapel

That dress is so cute, and you can never go wrong with a cardigan. How was the conference?




Hi Maggie! I couldn’t live without cardigans – I’m trying to build a collection in every colour! The conference was really good thank you. I hid at lunch time to have a bit of a break, but chatted to loads of people the rest of the day and the talks were really interesting. 🙂


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