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Weekly Wardrobe – Dressing for a family get-together.

It is my Dad’s birthday today and it’s a special one, so we traveled back to Kent to see all the family at the weekend, and my sister arranged for us to have a lovely meal out together. This is the outfit I wore – I thought I should make the most of the opportunity to have the background for my Weekly Wardrobe post in a different county for a change!…



The black jumper is from Dorothy Perkins and bought it about twelve years ago, so it’s unlikely to still be available I’m afraid (though I’ll see what I can find for you that’s similar as usual.) The three-quarter length, slightly bell-shaped sleeves give the outfit a vintage vibe, and the style is back in fashion too!



The dress is one of the ones I bought recently and blogged about here. This is the first time I wore it, and it was so comfortable, I think this will become a favourite dress of mine. I love the floral print – although the colours are probably more suited to Autumn than winter, I don’t think that matters too much!


I wore the outfit with a pair of black leggings with cashmere in the fabric to keep a little warmer.

The brown suede boots are the same ones you’ve seen in most of my Weekly Wardrobe posts recently! They’re Clarks, and very warm and comfy, though they did get a bit muddy!


The silver bracelet was a Christmas present from Chris last year, and I’m afraid I don’t know where from.


The earrings and matching necklace were also presents and are by Heritage.

We had a lovely day and I felt confident and comfortable in my outfit so it was definitely a winner!


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