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Fantastic Pleats and Where to Find Them

The pleat trend is not going away any time soon. I love it as long as I don’t have to iron it! Anyway, I thought I’d give a round-up of some of my favourite pleated items I could find that take us from winter to spring fashion. And yes, I am only writing this blog post because I thought of this amazingly witty title! ….

New Look pleated skirt

I love the colour of this skirt – it’s a sort of metallic mushroomy grey and I think this would work well with tights on underneath to keep warm, and on those rare balmy spring days you could risk going bare legged. The fabric is velvet, which I adore. I’d wear it with a blush pink jumper and definitely boots or shoes with a bit of a heel as I think flats would risk this midi length of skirt looking a bit frumpy. Have a look at the skirt on the New Look website.

Blush pink pleated dress

This gorgeous blush pink pleated dress is from Nougat. It basically reminds me of Downton Abbey, which is why I love it; and I could swan about the house with arched eyebrows pretending to be Lady Mary. I’d probably actually give it a bit of a grunge look with a grey chunky knitted cardigan and mori girl style shoes with thick grey socks. It’s currently less than half price at House of Fraser, so be quick before it sells out. I’m very tempted myself.

Chesca black pleated dress

This black crepe chiffon dress by Chesca has pleats going every which way possible. Crucially though, whilst they flounce around at the hem, the downward pointing pleats over the body will be immensely flattering. I’d accessorise with a statement silver necklace and classy heels for a night out; or with a pair of loafers to dress is down slightly to wear to work. (I say; like I go out to work! Though I’d definitely wear this while working from home, if I didn’t have cat claws to worry about.) Wherever you wear it, be prepared to spontaneously start dancing so you can feel those ruffles pleat swirling! Find the dress here.

Dark red sheer pleated skirt

Lomstore is one of my favourite shops on Etsy. This beautiful dark red pleated skirt is perfect for taking your outfit from winter to spring. The fabric is sheer, so when the frost is biting, wear jeggings underneath to keep warm; and then when the birds are chirping; layer over a pair of shorts. If you prefer to have the skirt lined, Louise O’Mahoney will make it for you. That is the joy of buying handmade! I think this deep blood red colour calls for a bit of goth, so I’d wear it with a lacy black top with a Victoriana feel to it. Find the skirt here.

Coast black pleated trousers

Lastly, I thought I’d find a pair of trousers as pleats aren’t just for floaty skirts you know, and these are by Coast. I’m a fan of wide leg trousers, and I think, with this split at the bottom of the leg, a pair of dark red tights could peep through. Once the snow has melted and the sun is making you boiling hot again (as is prone to happen in March and April), pop into the loo, slip the tights off and wear on their own to feel a cool breeze round your calfs. These are currently reduced by a massive £60! at the moment, so grab yourself a classy bargain at House of Fraser.

So that’s it; that’s my round-up of some of my favourite pleats and where to find them. Let me know if you’re wearing pleats this season.

By the way, shop search engines; I do know the difference between ruffles, frills, gathers and pleats. I just wanted pleats, thank you!




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