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A boho dress for a boho lifestyle

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I am often at my happiest when Chris, (and in the past when they were smaller, the kids as well) and I go off on a road-trip in the camper. We’ve had a few vans over the years, changing the size of them to suit our family, and now that Rain and Jude have had enough of the cramped sleeping conditions and the dog snoring in their ears, we downsized to a Type 25 VW camper van a couple of years ago for just the two of us. When I’m gathering the clothes to take with me on these trips, I tend to choose the more bohemian items from my wardrobe.  Apart from at Wilderness festival, can you think of a more fitting time to wear clothes like this dress? With its flowing fabric and button-up style, this maxi dress has a gorgeous print inspired by far-flung lands and evokes a feeling of summer travels….

Unfortunately the British weather wasn’t complying with this fantasy on the day we took these photos!

boho fashion blog

It’s an ideal dress for warmer spring days – the sleeves unbutton and roll down a bit further to keep your arms warm; the floor-length style will also mean your legs won’t be too chilly, but the fabric is lightweight enough to mean you won’t get hot during the moments when the sun decides to appear! Actually, the fabric is listed as polyester, which would normally mean I wouldn’t have bought it as I find polyester to be too uncomfortable. However, I’m pretty sure that’s a mistake as through my work I’m fairly familiar now with how different types of fabric feel, and I’m almost certain this dress is actually viscose/rayon. (Scroll down for the link to buy the dress.)

bohemian fashion blogger

Unbuttoning a few buttons here to flash a bit of leg! My red sandals are from Clarks. (Clarks are offering free delivery from 6th – 15th April). As with all of my Clarks shoes they are super comfy and I could walk for miles in them!

bohemian button dress

The necklace is from Boho Queen. I was actually asked to be an ambassador for the brand, but although the jewellery is very pretty, the quality of the metal used is quite low unfortunately. I’d only recommend them if you get a really good deal price-wise.

boho fashion

We took these photos on the shore of Colliford Lake in Bodmin. We often find somewhere on Bodmin Moor or nearby to sleep in the camper on our way in or out of Cornwall. There are so many interesting and mysterious places to explore there, I love going back to find somewhere new. When I wake up in the morning and the mists are only just clearing; you can’t hear any traffic; (it’s usually stand-still on the A30!) I feel like I’m in a Daphne du Maurier novel!

affordable boho maxi dress

I did find this maxi dress was a little too long for me (I’m five foot six). However, there is a drawstring at the waist, and tied up and pulling it in a bit made the length more manageable, but I wasn’t sure if it was particularly flattering worn like that. The dress definitely looks its best when the sea breeze is giving it some movement!

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Later in the day as the sun began to set, we ate fish and chips and took a barefoot stroll round Perranporth beach. If you’d like to watch the video I made of this weekend away in our vw camper, please follow the link to my YouTube channel.

beach boho style

I am wondering; if I’m happiest when I’m feeling free-spirited and bohemian; how can I bring this into my every-day lifestyle more? I feel an idea for another blog post coming on! – Please leave your suggestions in the comments. 🙂

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