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How to style a floral shirt dress; perfect spring fashion

fashion blogger wearing a floral shirt dress

I don’t know about you, but as we marched into April I had so had enough of winter! I was desperate to move away from my dark coloured winter wardrobe and wear some florals. I only went in Primark to buy a cheap skin-coloured bra as we were away in the camper and I’d forgotten to pack one! But on my way to the till I spotted this floral shirt dress that I just picked up (along with a mustard dress, coming to the style inspo section on the blog soon!) and took it with me….

White floral shirt dress

This dress is the perfect spring fashion because the fabric is lightweight and has this lovely floral print on it that just cheers you up when look at it! However, it has long sleeves and is almost maxi length, so will also keep you warm enough on a sunny, but not too hot day.

40 plus style blogger wearing a floral shirt dress

I like dresses that button all down the front, and it makes the dress more versatile for our unpredictable British weather, so if it does get quite warm, you can undo a few more buttons!

30 plus fashion blogger wearing a Primark floral dress

I’ll be honest, I even said to Chris when we walked into Primark ‘I mustn’t be tempted to buy any of the clothes; I always regret it later.’ I haven’t had the best experience with Primark clothing and I’d really rather pay a bit more for better quality, but I was seduced by the pretty print! Although it doesn’t show in these photos during the cloudy day we took them in, when I went to the loo, under the harsh lights it was clear the dress is very see-through! This dress is probably still in stores, so if you buy it, bear that in mind – nude underwear is a must!

Age forty fashion blogger wearing a floral button dress

The floral shirt dress cost just £13, so it’s not surprising the fabric is very thin! Also I found the buttons and button holes didn’t align perfectly, but luckily where it gapes, there is a matching belt to cover it!

30 plus style blogger wearing a Primark dress and rucksack

The blush pink rucksack is also from Primark. I confess I bought it entirely for Instagram as a rucksack looks far more explorer-y than my usual shoulder bag! Is that terrible? I like how it looks though, and the colour will go with pretty much every item of clothing I own!

Floral shirt dress

I wore the outfit with my blush pink suede Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars. They are so comfortable for sight-seeing, and just like the bag, they go with all my clothes! (You’ll be seeing them a lot on my blog I’m afraid! First worn and shown in more detail on my previous fashion blog post.) However if you wanted to dress up the look, a pair of smart white sandals would be lovely.

British fashion blogger exploring Lanhydrock gardens in a floral shirt dress

By the way, we took these photos while exploring the gardens at National Trust’s Lanhydrock in Cornwall. All the camellias and magnolias that were in bloom made the perfect backdrop to go with the floral dress! It is my camera you can see hanging off my wrist – when I grow up I’d like to be a flower photographer.

Please scroll down if you’d like to see the video of new clothing in my wardrobe, including this dress. I also try it on with jeans underneath and I really love that look. I’ve actually worn this dress over skinny jeans rolled up at the ankles, and that solves the problem of being able to see your knickers through it!

Shop the look: (The first two are New Look; the next four are Asos. The last option is very similar to the Primark floral shirt dress I’m wearing in this blog post.)


Do you wear florals in spring? Or do you prefer not to blend in with your surroundings?!

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