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Styling the Spring/Summer 2018 trends: Pink

styling a pink dress

I have several items in my wardrobe of the dusky blush pink variety; but not so many of the brighter and pastel shades of pink that are on trend this season. I’ll have to be honest, is isn’t a shade that I think suits me very much, but this dress was so lovely, I wasn’t going to pass it by due to the colour! Some of these photos show how I styled it last summer, and some are from cooler days this spring, so they give you a couple of different ideas for how to style a pink dress….

British Fashion blogger over 30 styling a pink dress

I bought this pink dress for £20 from a stall at Glastonbury Festival last year and the label is Braintree. It’s such a nice skater dress dress shape and really quite flattering. It’s unusual in that the top half is cotton jersey, but the lower half is plain cotton. There are buttons down the front, but it’s just decoration; the dress simply slips on.

Thirty plus style blogger wearing a pink dress

My first thought, as often is the case with pretty dresses, is to pair it with footwear that gives it a more edgy look. So last summer (these first photos were taken on holiday in Cornwall at Truro), I wore the dress with bare legs (chub-rub shorts notwithstanding) and calf-height Timberland brown boots. (Similar):

Fashion blogger styling a pink dress

I think pink goes well with cool-toned browns – not really reddish chestnut browns; and also grey, like we’re seeing a lot in interior design fashions at the moment. So those are the two neutrals to go to to if you’re picking accessories and don’t want to overdo colour. I wore thick grey leggings with the outfit this spring, but decided to go for it with a purple cardigan!

UK fashion blogger over 30 wearing a pink dress

styling a pink dressstyling a pink dress

Pink and purple are classic unicorn colours that always look great together! I bought this cardigan from Amazon, and the label is Henbury. Buy up a size if you want to do up the buttons without gaping!

Fashion blogger wearing a purple cardigan and pink dress

I went for non-girly shoes again, and this time wore the pink skater dress with grey chunky soled unisex shoes from The Art Company (via ebay). (Similar):

pink skater dress

British fashion blogger over forty

More pink dresses from House of Fraser:

Pink dressPink dresspink dressPink dressPink dressPink dress

Will you be wearing pink this summer? Which colours do you style it with?


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