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Styling a 1950’s dress with a mustard jumper for autumn

A 1950s dress styled for fall

We’ve had a real mix of weather lately haven’t we?! I’m actually across the pond in Connecticut right now, but I think it’s fairly similar to the UK – lovely and sunny one day, and then cold and grey the next. This outfit would have been perfect the day before we took the photos! However it was ten degrees cooler when the weekend rolled around and I have to be honest, my bare legs were a little chilly! Anyway, this is a great way to layer for changeable weather, but maybe pack a pair of skin-coloured tights too!…

A perfect autumn outfit

The pale blue 1950’s style dress will be perfect in summer, however I think it’s quite versatile as the floral print is mustard colour and definitely has a harvest feel about it. Pale blue and mustard isn’t really a colour combination I had tried before, but I really like it. Mustard jumpers are all over the place in the shops at the moment so it wouldn’t be difficult to find one if you like this look.

A perfect Fall outfit

Styling a mustard jumper and 1950's dress

The jumper I’m wearing here is from New Look and was in the shops last year, but is still available from Amazon at the moment. The sizing is weird, so I took the risk and went for the largest, which is ’53’. When it came the label said ‘L’, which I’d say would fit a size 16 perfectly – it was a little snug round the waist for me. I also decided to wear it back to front with the lattice detail at the front instead of the back; and I cut the straight bit across the top off. I just like V-necks much better and they suit my shape more. And no-one’s going to know are they? Except you, and you won’t tell. 🙂

styling a mustard sweater

The fabric is 100% acrylic, which I know some people don’t like; but not all acrylic jumpers are made equal, and I’ve worn this one a lot already as it’s SO soft and isn’t static-y at all, and means you can chuck it in the machine with the rest of your washing and tumble dry without having to worry about ruining the wool. The big wide sleeves don’t make the jumper particularly flattering, but despite that, I’m a big fan.

Here are some similar mustard jumpers in New Look right now:

My pale blue 1950’s style dress is from Joe Browns, and if you’re quick, you might catch it in their sale as I only bought this a couple of weeks ago. It was at a bargain £13! Annoyingly I can’t link you directly to the dress, so go to the ‘Outlet’ section and look under Dresses to see if it’s still there.

30 plus fashion blog

It’s a really comfortable dress made mainly from cotton, with a bit of elastane thrown in for a bit of stretch. I find ’50’s style dresses suit me well, and this floral one from Joe Browns is no different, and good quality. I hope they repeat this design in future in new colours and patterns.

A floral 1950's style dress

floral 50s dress40 plus british blogger

I styled the outfit with my dark blue denim shoulder bag from IT – which I picked up at a reduced price from Macy’s ‘backstage’ area in a nearby shopping mall over here. The boots are Timberland from a couple of years ago and I’m sorry, you’ve seen them a lot already, and you’ll see them some more as they are perfect for styling autumn outfits; or ‘fall’ fashion!

Joe Browns floral dress

By the way, these photos were taken at Lock Thirteen Historical Park in Connecticut – if you’d like to watch the vlog of the week, please take a look at my YouTube channel as that video will be coming soon. And if you’d like to see me try-on this dress and everything else I bought from Joe Browns recently, I also filmed a try-on haul for you. Please click Subscribe if you enjoy watching. 🙂

Here are some floral dresses from New Look that I think would look great with a mustard jumper layered over the top to make the perfect autumn outfit!


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See this outfit in video on my latest Lookbook:


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