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Nautical summer style with a twist

nautical outfit

Today I’m sharing an outfit with you that I’m calling nautical style with a twist. The blue and white striped trousers are very much nautical, however the twist is the pattern on the white vest top I wore them with…

styling a nautical outfit

I’ll be honest, it wasn’t an intentional twist, it was just the only top I could find that would go with the trousers! I prefer to wear tops long enough to cover my bum, and it turns out that almost all my long tops are dusky shades of pink, khaki or beige – none of which went with the crisp blue and white stripes of the summer trousers. The only white long top I have is an ebay buy from the remains of the witchy trend from a couple of winters ago. The picture on the front is of a crescent moon with the words ‘Magic Hour’. Even though it doesn’t fit the nautical clothing theme, I love it, and I think it’s faint enough for me to get away with the two items together.

Styling nautical trousers

I’m always on the look-out for comfortable (ie elasticated waisted) summer trousers, so when I spotted these I pounced on them and paid for them before stopping to think about what I actually have that would go. (A shopping error, I know.) I was away in America and they came from a shop called Charlotte Russe – a sort-of equivalent to New Look. Also, having been on two cruises and loving them; I think we’re likely to do more, and you know me; I love the opportunity to dress according to surroundings/outings and aim find a theme in everything. When we’re on a cruise, I will try to dress as nautical as I possibly can! So I know these trousers will be brought out every time we indulge in a cruise holiday in the future so I can go sailor-style!

a nautical summer outfit

styling nautical summer pants

The long length vest top is originally from Free People – not my best second-hand purchase ever as it was already a bit bobbly, however I’ve worn it a fair bit, and I really do love the picture on the front. It might not last much longer, so whilst out and about browsing shops I’ll need to remember to keep a look-out for a replacement. Rather than pure white, which doesn’t suit me well, I think instead I’ll keep an eye out for red or light blue.

How to wear a sailor style outfit

How to accessorise a nautical outfit

My daughter, R, bought me a vintage headscarf for Christmas a few years ago, and this was the ideal opportunity to wear it. White with navy blue stripes round the edges, and an anchor in the middle, it matches the nautical outfit perfectly. It was a bit tricky getting it right – the scarf looked odd with the knot at the back under my hair, and it wasn’t big enough to tie bandana style, so in the end I think I got it sorted like this, with the knot tied at a jaunty angle at the top!

styling a vintage sailor scarf

My choice of shoes was limited, considering I was living from what I packed in a suitcase when we took these photos, however, I think the chunky white sandals from Clarks finished the outfit very well. I think casual flip-flops, lace-up deck shoes, or plimsolls would also have been good. Would you go for white, blue, or a pop of bright red?

I do have a nautical style handbag with navy blue stripes, but I think that might have been sailor overkill, even for me! If I’d had one with me, I think this would have been the time for one of the oh-so-fashionable straw or wicker bags that have been everywhere this summer. In fact I’m kicking myself for not buying one just for this outfit!

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