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How to be stylish while sightseeing

styling a strappy summer dress

Sightseeing in a new place. You want to be comfortable; but you also want to look a bit cool, then all you need to do is this: add a pair of trainers or plimsols to a summer dress. It couldn’t be a more perfect outfit – the trainers somehow make a normal dress look so much more trendy, and yet they are super comfy too!…

how to look cool while sightseeing

what to wear sightseeing

I bought this plain blue dress from Target, a superstore supermarket in America while I was away there last year. I picked it up firstly because I love the colour blue, but mainly because it’s an ideal dress for hot weather. It’s strappy (and when it’s really hot my uncomfortableness about the weather supersedes my  uncomfortableness about my upper arms being on show!) and made of light woven cotton, so no unbreathable man-made fabrics. It’s a longer length, so ideal for breezy destinations or climbing up steep sight-seeing bus steps without worrying about flashing everyone my chub-rub shorts underneath!

what to wear sightseeing

styling a blue summer dress

The dress is cinched in a little with elastic around a high waistline, which I wasn’t sure I was going to like, but actually it does give a more flattering shape. You could even wear a belt at the same point as that would look nice and break up the expanse of blue, but I prefer to feel unrestricted.

blue bag

I also bought my bag in America, from Macy’s Backstage, where all the reduced past season stock goes. The brand is Nicole Miller New York and it’s the perfect size bag; has plenty of zip-up pockets and looks smart. It was a good find I think.

blue summer dress from Target

styling a summer dress

My plimsols were a birthday present from Chris a few years ago – pink suede low rise Converse Chuck Taylor all-stars, and I love them! The blush pink goes with pretty much everything, they’re really comfy underfoot, but they’re a little narrow and I have to pull the laces quite loose for my great wide clodhoppers.

British Fashion blogger over 40

So it’s just a short and sweet blog post from me today. I’ve just returned from a long weekend away in the camper van, and the in-laws are arriving to stay in three days time, so I’ve got lots of tidying and cleaning to do before then! Oh by the way, if you’re interested, we took these photos in America in one of the state parks by a large lake. I’m sorry, off the top of my head I can’t remember the name, but here’s my YouTube video of our sightseeing in New York State if you’d like to have a look. And here’s my little clothing haul from then too:

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