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How to continue wearing your black Halloween outfit with ‘Pastel Goth’

Plus size pastel goth clothing

I hadn’t heard of the style, ‘Pastel Goth’ until my daughter mentioned it to me a few years ago. We already know about the Goths who sweep about in their all-black outfits, but now a new style has emerged for those people who resonate with the gothic, but not necessarily the traditional aesthetic….

So if you dug out your black clothing you don’t often wear, or even went out and bought some black separates for your witch costume for Halloween, and now you aren’t sure how to wear them, then let me introduce you to Pastel Goth!

The Pastel Goth style is fairly self-explanatory by its name. There is largely a cute element, and anything in mint green, pale pink, lemon yellow, white, lilac or pale blue is worn in conjunction with black items and goth emblems such as skulls or slogans printed as though written in dripping blood. Hair is usually dyed in pastel shades and eye-shadow is often pale but worn with thick black eyeliner and dark lipstick.

Now if this sounds like your sort of thing, brilliant – I have some fantastic handmade clothing here that you’ll love. However, even if everything I’ve mentioned sounds a bit much, I think there is one lesson learned that we can take away from this alternative fashion genre: Black CAN go with pastel colours!

In the past, I’ve always thought that black could only really be worn with grey, purple or dark red, but nowadays I’m not afraid to mix it with paler items in my wardrobe and it really does work. Here are some ideas for you:

This pastel goth top is designed by Cody atQuirky Creepy Kawaii and I love the fact that they have made sure the more curvy among us are catered for and sizes go up to 5XL – much appreciated. With pink, lilac and black all in the one top, you can go light or dark with your trousers or skirt to go with it, but I think I’d do a cute pink frilly skirt! Do go and check out the shop, there are some cool clothing designs and cute cat ears too!


cute llama t-shirt

This is probably the cutest llama you’ll ever see! Pair this t-shirt (Which goes up to 3XL) with black skinny jeans, or tuck into a black a-line mini skirt with black tights for a pastel goth look. By graphic designer, Emma Jane at Lucky Rainbow Boutique, she says “When it comes to Fashion, I have always believed that there are no boundaries; that YOU should be able to express yourself, that YOU have the right LOOK AND FEEL AMAZING no matter what gender OR age you are which is what my Brand ‘Lucky Rainbow Boutique’ is all about! It is also about creating and spreading a smile to make the world a happier and fun place to be!” YES to that – I totally agree! People take fashion too seriously and I love that this pastel goth style gives you the opportunity to express yourself and have fun!


cute halloween cat sweatshirt

I was pretty pleased indeed to find this pink sweatshirt which is basically proving what this blog post is all about! Wear this top at Halloween or throughout the year – it’s perfect! By illustrator Kirsty, at Kirsty Oxley Shop, there are more cute animals and funny slogans in her online shop. This jumper is available in a few different colours, and again, most of them go up to 5XL.

It is a pleasant surprise that all these designers are happy to provide clothes that fit such a wide range of sizes – I honestly don’t understand why more places aren’t able to do this!


purple and black pastel goth outfit

handmade pastel goth dressplus size pastel goth dress

And lastly, here are three of the pastel goth style dresses I’ve made for my alternative clothing shop, Threads of a Fairytale. Each item is one-of-a-kind and uses reclaimed fabrics patchworked together to make new sustainable clothing.

I hope this post has given you inspiration for some pastel goth outfits that you might like to try. Do go and check out the links I’ve shared to support small handmade businesses – we really do a happy dance with every sale!



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