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The Paint Runner paint roller

Starting to paint in ‘Green blue’ on the cellar staircase.

You may have seen the adverts on shopping channels – this morning I saw Tommy Walsh (from Ground Force and challenge Tommy Walsh) advertising one called The paint wizard pro.  It’s the type of roller that you fill with paint on the inside, therefore no need to have a paint tray.

Home and Garden, Moving and Renovating,

Plastering Rain’s bedroom

Ceiling partly done

I never intended to plaster; it seemed well and truly a job for the professionals, but 20 months after the walls came down, and the money tree has failed to grow, I thought it was about time I tackled it myself.

Moving and Renovating,

Doing up the dressing room.

My dressing room

My dressing room

I know, it does sound a bit Lah de Dah, but I only have a dressing room because the bedroom is too small for wardrobes. Oh all right, and I do have a lot of clothes – but that’s mainly because I never get rid of any, not that I just buy a lot! Ok, it’s my piece of luxury.

Moving and Renovating,