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AA Automobile Association

(not alcoholics annonnymous). And what happened when I got a flat tyre.
A flat bloody tyre – don’t you hate them? I sit there feeling completely inadequate as a new woman as I don’t know how to change a wheel. Having said that, the first AA man didn’t know how to either, so I shouldn’t feel bad! I was so angry that day. What a waste of time – sitting in a car with absolutely nothing to do; not even with a book to read. And to make matters worse – I have to sit there with my Dad next to me. How many people know what to talk about with their Dad’s? Or more specifically my Dad?
Anyway, when the AA guy did finally get there an hour later, I honestly would have punched the fucking lights out of him if I thought it would’ve done any good. Also, it was my Dad’s AA membership, so I didn’t really feel I had the place to do it. But I just hope something went wrong with his van on the way home.
I wish I’d got his name, but, like I said, it wasn’t really my place to make a fuss. This guy was clearly in a rush to get home or something as all he could be bothered to do was stand there making condescending and fucking annoying comments. What is the point of having AA if they’re not willing to help you? I was sure it was a slow puncture and that it just needed pumping up for me to get it home and sort out. Comments like “Well, if you’ve had no luck pumping it up then I won’t either,” really pissed me off. Then when I ask him if he has a compressor pump he acts like I’m stupid and tells me he only has a foot pump just like the one I had already.
The next problem was, when I bought my car 2nd hand, the guy I bought it off told me there isn’t a key for the spare wheel – you just use a screwdriver and it comes off. The AA guy wouldn’t even try and do that for us, so he handed Dad a screwdriver to get the cover off. But underneath that there’s another lock on the wheel and I know for sure I was not given another key. I do not need to be asked, “Are you sure there aren’t any other keys hanging up at home love” when I’d already told him that. When he finally believed me, we decided the only thing to do is bust the lock to get the wheel off. If we took it to a garage, they’d only have to do that anyway. But oh no he can’t do that! Then the guy disappears in his van for half an hour without telling us why. When he appears (by this time it’s falling thick with snow) he says he’s “sweet-talked” them in getting a tow truck out to us. Sweet talked??? Ahhh! We don’t pay membership to sweet talk!
So the next AA comes along another half an hour later, and this guy is completely what you’d expect of an AA man. Friendly and actually helpful. He was happy to break the lock on the spare wheel, but when he got a pair of pliers, he realised it wasn’t even locked – it just came right off. He said he was going to report the previous guy for wasting his time, and I really really hope he did.
So this review probably won’t help you make your mind up at all about joining the AA, as in the end, they did sort out my car, and most AA experiences I’ve had in the past have been good. But I swear if I come across that first guy again, when I have my own membership card with me, I tell you, he better give me the service I expect because I won’t put up with being spoken to or treated the way he did to me last week.

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