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The magic of Christmas decorations and beauty for beauty’s sake

Christmas decor

This year our Christmas tree theme is pink, white and silver, and I have to say, it looks absolutely magical! A couple of years ago I was accused of doing themes and going all out to decorate the house just to impress other people – just to look good on Instagram. I couldn’t help but think, ‘Do you know me at all?!’….

I LOVE beautiful things. And by that, of course, I mean things I find beautiful. Everyone is going to have a different idea of what that is for them. I tend to go quite full on, whereas others would prefer simple and paired back. But if there’s one thing that Instagram has taught me, is that it’s ok to make an effort to create something beautiful for no other reason at all!

It doesn’t have to be practical, functional or have a deep meaning. Beauty for beauty’s sake is absolutely fine! It’s not a waste of time because you are benefitting from it. The meditative or mindfulness aspect of the creating is beneficial to our wellbeing; and that is followed by the delight of seeing it afterwards. And if you share it with others in real life or on the internet, then other people get to enjoy it too. And people must enjoy looking at beautiful things or there’d be no such thing as art.

decorating the Christmas tree

– This is an excerpt from this week’s YouTube video in which I have lots of fun decorating the Christmas tree and the rest of the house to create a fairytale winter wonderland!


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