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Giving handmade Christmas cards

handmade Christmas cards

There’s something about sending handmade Christmas cards that’s loaded with all kinds of baggage. A few people will get it. My cousin will get it. My mother and sister-in-laws will get it, because I know they love to craft. Oh – I can actually think of two of my friends who are creative souls, but I don’t think the majority of people receiving my cards will fully understand why I do it….

And so I am opening myself up to being judged. There are those who might think I am showing off because I’m being Mrs Perfect Christmas and doing everything handmade so I can brag about it. There are those who might think that I think my handmade cards are far nicer than shop-bought cards because I’m a creative genius (and look at my cards with disdain). And there might even be people who think I can’t afford real cards (because they obviously have no idea of the cost of craft supplies!). And so I’m left in a bit of a turmoil every year because I want to make my own Christmas cards, but they obviously HAVE to be brilliant so that no-one can judge me harshly. So what usually happens is, it takes me HOURS to make them all every year, and so I end up regretting I even started, and resenting the process.

making Christmas cards

But this year, I thought to myself Sod It! I’ve got just over thirty cards to make, so they are going to have to be a bit rough and ready – I refuse to take hours and hours for the sake of perfection. And I want to enjoy it.

To be fair, most of those judgemental worries are my own paranoia and only in my own head. Chances are, most people receiving my handmade cards don’t give it a second thought! And for those that do – well, I’m finally starting to learn how to care less about what other people think!

rustic handmade Christmas cards

So if you enjoy making Christmas cards, but are like me and overthink it, just do it anyway! Enjoy yourself! And yes, there might be people who don’t understand why we do it, but there will also be those who appreciate our efforts. It really doesn’t matter! Just have fun!

Merry Christmas!

The bit in this week’s vlog where I make Christmas cards is at 10:10.


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