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October in England

autumn decor

Chris and I have been lucky enough to spend October in Connecticut a couple of times, and I have to say, New England does fall better than old England does autumn!…

We have stayed in a very pretty house on a quiet street, with trees outside the latticed window. So as the month progressed, I’ve watched the leaves change colour and the squirrels have tonnes of fun chasing each other around, and we’ve spent the weekends exploring New England’s amazing parks and forests, and they are stunning.

However, I am glad to have this particular October in England. We were here last year too, but apart from the joy of getting our puppy at the end of the month, I don’t remember October very well. I think it was all fear of the virus and uncertainties of different lockdowns in different places, and I have probably deliberately blocked it out! I’m sure the previous October we’ve had in England it just rained and rained and I was cold, wet and miserable most of the time!

This year seems more hopeful, and the weather, although varied, has given us plenty of those sunny, crisp autumn days that people imagine when they think of this season. Afternoon shafts of light have filtered through the orange leaves, and showers with rainbows have given way to dramatic sunsets. One minute it’s pelting down with rain and I’m running around the house with buckets to catch the leaks, and the next it’s warm and sunny enough to do a spot of gardening! It’s been what an English October should be and I’m very grateful to have experienced it.

an autumn walk

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