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Visiting Scotney Castle in autumn

visiting Scotney castle in autumn

A much-needed respite in the middle of a week exploring London; my Mum took me and the kids to Scotney Castle, near Tunbridge Wells in Kent. This was near the end of September, so not quite at the right time to see the autumn colours at their best, but change was in the air. The odd branch of red leaves dangled over the moat of the castle, and a tint of yellow ochre brushed the borders…

This is simply a post of photos I took that day in the hope that you will enjoy some of the calm serenity we felt at the time. (Apologies if you follow me and have already seen these on Instagram as some of these will have been shown there.)

By the way, if you’d like to watch the video of our visit to Scotney Castle, here it is! It’s amongst the London trip I mentioned, so go to 9:23 if you’d just like to see the Scotney Castle bit! Honestly, this was such a beautiful place; I highly recommend a visit if you’re in the West Kent area.

Scotney Castle

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