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Game of Thrones Khaleesi Costume

Handmade Khaleesi costume

I had a sneaky suspicion they might be popular this Halloween, so I set about making one from a lovely soft jumper for the top half, and my pieces of thick cotton muslin I had used for experimenting with natural printing were perfect for the wrap-around skirt. The costume is based on Daenerys Targaryen’s outfit with the Dothraki in series one….

I managed to get two more costumes out of the jumper and fabric I had already prepared, and all three sold within a week. So I’ve now bought a few metres of some lovely soft knit viscose and a couple of days ago I used up the last of my roll of cotton to do some more eco printing with onion skins and other plants from my garden. Although the cotton is muslin, it is far more densely woven than the usual thin muslin and once washed, it goes to a soft linen texture. (I’ve just ordered a roll of 50 metres!)


I tea-stained the top to take the brightness out of the white flecks in the fabric, and also the edges of the thick linen I used for the belt.

It took a couple of weeks, but I’ve also now sourced from ebay a mix of new and vintage circle brooches as near as I could find to the Khaleesi costume of the television series.

Update in 2019!: After a few years of selling this costume, I now only have one left and won’t be making more. Click the link to take you to the Khaleesi costume.

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