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Weekly Wardrobe – pastels

Hello folks! Hope you’re having a lovely weekend. I’m starting a new regular thingumajig on here, which, as you can see, I’m calling ‘Weekly Wardrobe.’ In view of style and fashion being a frequent theme to my posts, I thought Why not share what I’m wearing? I was unsure at first, feeling it’s a little, well, self-important of me to think people will be interested, but let’s face it, in this day in age when tonnes of people are sharing their outfits on the internet, I think I’d like to join in! My fashion taste is a little random; sometimes hippy, ’50s, steampunk or lagenlook, but I like to think a little bit quirky. I’m a hoarder and rarely buy items brand new, so I’m afraid I’m not much good for ideas for you to exactly copy, but maybe offer style inspiration.
I’m also going to be linking up with the fabulous Catherine Summers at NotDressedAsLamb and following her weekly themes for #iwillwearwhatIlike in rallying against the list some questionable journalist thinks people over thirty should stop wearing….

The theme this week was pastels, which as it turned out, I don’t actually own much of. The paler colours I own tend to be on the dusky side simply because I think it suits my skin-tone better. Pastel blue seemed to be my best bet.

The week kicked off nicely with a bank holiday, and here I am at the Bruton Packhorse Fair in Somerset, not at all pastel wearing a jade floral print dress and short-sleeved red cardigan from Lindybop. My red strappy sandals are from Jones and my leather bag is from Marks and Spencer (via ebay).

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Lindybop outfit

Lindybop outfit

Walking the dog in this Ditzy dress from Joe Browns. This is a favourite of mine and has been worn well over the last few years. Leggings and pink cardigan are from New Look. With Glastonbury Festival nearing, I thought it was about time I dusted off my army boots and wear them in again to try and avoid blisters. Unfortunately I found in this wet grass the the coating on the tongues has completely worn away and were not in the slightest bit waterproof. I’ve had them for about ten years, so maybe it’s time to replace them, or think of a way to recover the tongue. I’m not sure waterproofing spray would cut it, but I might give it a go.

Joe Browns Ditzy dress

Joe Browns Ditzy dress




Just a day at home wearing linen mix trousers from New Look and a long shirt from Tesco that was originally white, but I dyed pale blue as I loved the style but white doesn’t really suit me. Linen trousers aren’t often sturdy enough to be flattering on my shape, so I tend to team them with long tops to cover my bum.





Clarks shoes

Clarks shoes

And lastly, my most pastel outfit of the week is a pink top from QS, which is so bobbly this is now relegated to my ‘Round the house only’ shelf. Along with a pastel blue thick cotton skirt that I bought in a surf shop in Newquay many years ago, and has the label Blah blah blah in it. (No link as although there is another brand with the same name, it’s definitely a different company.) I love these shoes, which are ClarksIf you’re in the area, it is worth visiting Clarks Village in Street for the shoe bargains in their outlet shop.






Yes, I know this doesn’t add up to seven days of the week, but unless I’ve dribbled hot chocolate down me; been excessively slobbered on by our dog or had a particularly busy sweaty hot day, I’m likely to wear an outfit at least one other time before chucking in the wash.

I hope you like this kind of fashion post. If not, just skip out Sundays and please come back another time 🙂

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