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How to style a simple grey t-shirt

You don’t need me to tell you how to style a grey t-shirt – it goes with everything: jeans or any style trousers; any length, colour or design of skirt; or under dungarees or pinafore dresses. However, I do want to suggest that’s it’s a much more flexible than the plain white t-shirt. White doesn’t really suit me anyway – I have fair skin with a cool tone, so white tends to wash me out, whereas grey basically somehow makes me look a bit better! Here’s a couple of outfits with the same t-shirt. They were taken a couple of months apart from each other, and when I picked out the purple skirt, I had totally forgotten the previous outfit also had purple bottoms. Never mind, second to dusky blush pink, purple is my next favourite colour to wear with grey…..





The t-shirt is from F&F clothing at Tesco. It’s very basic, but the sleeves are slightly puffed – not so much that it makes my shoulders look even bigger, but it’s a subtle detail that fits in well with the current fashion trend.

Here’s another similar:



In these pictures I’m wearing with a skirt from George at Asda second hand from ebay. I love the dipped hem at the front and back, and the tulle peaking out at the bottom gives it a ballerina feel. As I want to be a ballerina when I grow up, this is perfect for me!

Shop similar:



The bag was one of my most expensive purchases I’ve ever made for an accessory. I’m almost embarrassed to say it, but it cost £70(!!! Don’t tell my Mum) from a stall at the California Renaissance Fayre when we went five years ago.  I do feel it’s had it’s money’s worth though as it’s been my only bag used all the time up until this spring. I tried a smaller bag for a bit, but have gone back to this one – for the time being anyway. I’ve only just swapped my things over, and should have noticed that the tassels were in a tangle, so I’ll have to sit and unknot them while watching Mr Ben Brown or Zoella. With velvet being big news in the fashion world this autumn, this bag is perfect for accessorising with if I’m wanting to be on trend. I do love velvet though, and I really like the wide leather strap with the buckle. I’ll be showing it in my September Favourites You Tube video coming soon!



Chris chose my boots as he has an idea for a photo-shoot with this fold-over grunge style. It took us a while to find the right pair, but they were there on Amazon all along!:




Here I have styled the simple grey t-shirt with a pair of wide-leg trousers I bought for £5 at a tiny stall near the cheese van at Glastonbury Festival a few years ago. The fabric is very light and floaty so I find I wear these a lot on those summer days that aren’t quite warm enough for a dress. The leg length is too short to look right with socks and shoes, but perfect for these flip-flops. These are Coolers and were also £5 at Glastonbury Festival. The stall is still there (near the meeting point), but they haven’t had them in stock again, which is a shame because these have almost been flip-flopped to their death.




Photography equipment:

Not Dressed As LambAs always, I’m linking with the fabulous group of ladies sharing their style at Not Dressed As Lamb and new this week, also Visible Monday at Not Dead Yet Style.

Do you have a favourite colour t-shirt you always turn to?

Style Inspiration,

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I love loose cotton trousers like these! you look great and thanks for linking, xo




Thank you so much Patti 🙂


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