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Weekly Wardrobe – embracing autumn colours

I do feel summer colours particularly suit me and I’m reluctant to let them go. In the spirit of #IwillwearwhatIlike, I will probably continue to wear pale blue and blush pink regardless of the season, but now we’re into October, I thought I would stop denying summer is over and pick something a little more autumnal. This is just a casual outfit I wore at the weekend for no particular occasion. We had crappy weather on Saturday, but wasn’t Sunday beautiful? These autumn style photos were taken in a nearby village just as it was getting cooler….




It is interesting doing this weekly wardrobe thingy, because it really makes me notice what I’d like more or less of in my season transition wardrobe. I spent a while looking for a more interesting red top than this plain long sleeved jersey one, but I didn’t have anything. I need more autumn fashion red tops, definitely! I also discovered while posing, that it has several small holes! I think I bought it a few years ago from Tesco and has been well worn.



The bottle green skirt is from River Island. It’s another item that gets worn quite a lot during this season and I’ve had it for about ten years now. I like the wooden buttons covering the waist tie as a little added detail. This is my favourite shape of skirt too and I think is quite flattering on me – the floaty flared style suits curvy girls.



I bought the red stone necklace from a stall at Glastonbury Festival about twelve years ago for about £3! (I have another the same but in blue.) So this item of jewellery gets worn a lot in autumn, particularly with my plain black tops to liven them up a bit.


I bought the shoes from ebay and are by Lands End. It’s always a risky business buying shoes online without being able to try them on first, but this was a gamble that paid off as I love these, and the quirky crossover toggle fastening.


My velvet patchwork bag was featured last week and is also in my September Favourites You Tube video. It is quite likely you’ll see it a fair few times yet! I’ve worn it throughout several years, but the colours are particularly perfect for autumn.

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This gorgeous bag from JustbePurses on Etsypatchwork-bag

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Are you wearing autumn colours yet?

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