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Weekly Wardrobe – layering for a walk at sunset

Chris was dealing with quickly changing light conditions when we went outside to take these photos; so you’ve got quite a mix of pictures this week from daylight to moonrise! It’s that time of year when you think you’ve got plenty of time and the next minute you know, it’s pitch black. Anyway, here I am taking a dress I wore in summer and layering it with a cosy cardigan and warm shawl for autumn…



The dress was from Joe Browns a few years ago and I’m impressed with the quality because I have worn it a lot! It’s very comfy and I love the tiny pin-tuck details on the bodice and the way it flows out to a lagenlook style. For autumn / winter style, I just layer over it.




Mist rolling in past Glastonbury Tor


The dark red cardigan is from Lindy Bop and the pearl buttons are so pretty. The cropped design makes it perfect for ’50’s skirts and this dress. It also has a small percentage of wool, which makes it so much warmer than it looks.




The shawl was another Joe Browns purchase and I’m relieved to find out that they aren’t out of fashion yet! I throw this on all the time when it’s not quite cold enough for a coat; or if the jumper I’m wearing is too chunky to fit under my coat, but I still want another layer over the top.




I bought the boots so many years ago, I can’t remember the name of the shop – I think it was one of those cheapy ones that popped up next to the Methodist church on Tonbridge High Street for a while. They are very warm and cosy, but not the most waterproof in the world! The name inside them says Giselle.

Shop the look:

Brown floral dress (similar).

Dark red Lindy Bop cardigan (Same). 

Grey plaid shawl (similar). 

Brown lace-up boots (similar). 


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So pretty and cozy, and what a lovely setting! Thanks for linking up, xo




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