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Weekly Wardrobe – floppy hat & maxi skirt

Hello everyone! There’s one good thing about all this crappy weather: it’s great for portrait photography! The misty dreary drizzle diffuses the light beautifully and makes me look amazing (even if I do say so myself) haha! Seriously though, if you’d like a nice outdoor photo of yourself, now’s the time to do it.
I love it when you remember something in your wardrobe that you’ve forgotten about for a while. I can’t believe I haven’t worn this floppy hat all winter, but I thought it would go perfectly with the rest of the outfit and also add some much needed colour…..

Red hat

I do struggle with hats like this – even though I love it, it never seems quite right for the weather or situation. It makes a great sunhat and keeps your face shaded, but the material is wool, so it’s too warm for summer. Perfect for those bright autumn days then, but the slightest gentle breeze and the hat has landed on the ground behind me! I shall have to experiment with hat pins I think. Well, the hat cost £6 from a stall at Glastonbury Festival a couple of years ago. They are regulars, so if you’re going this year and would like to see if they still have them, let me know and I’ll try and give directions!
I do love this shade of dusky red and is perfect for livening up a very neutral coloured outfit.

I’m sorry, but I cannot for the life of me remember where I bought the shawl from. A few years ago I bought two or three to try out, so it probably came via ebay, but there’s no label so I can’t tell you where it’s originally from I’m afraid. I do like a shawl! I sometimes find coats a bit restricting and can feel a bit claustrophobic if I’ve got a thick jumper on underneath, so I’ll sometimes choose a shawl instead. I’ve got to admit though, it’s not very flattering on the figure.

Red floppy hat

The top underneath is by a local Somerset brand called Molly & Isla. There’s no recent activity on their facebook page, so I’m not sure if they’re still going, but I bought the top a couple of years ago from a shop in Frome on Catherine Hill, facing down Stony Street. I love this top as it’s soft and fuzzy on the inside, almost like thermals! It also looks pretty with the lace edging and pattern in the fabric.

I bought the black maxi skirt from a shop along the main tourist street at Venice beach, California in 2009. Sorry – I’m not a great fashion blogger am I?! – you’re unlikely to be able to buy any of these things I’m showing you! But it’s mainly for inspiration rather than to copy, I hope!
This skirt has such beautiful flow due to the way the pattern pieces were cut and I love the up-and-down hemline. I love maxi skirts, but I rarely wear them as I always trip over them going up the stairs when my hands are already full. I’ll just have to learn to remember to tuck it up first and I’d probably buy more! Anyway, the brand of this one is Cotton Palm, so my American readers may be able to find it.

The brown Timberland boots are the same ones I’ve worn for the last couple of Weekly Wardrobe posts, and are better featured here.

I bought the glass necklace at a stall near the Avalon stage at Glastonbury Festival. ( I think I warned you when I first started doing this that most of my shopping is done there!)

I hope you’re all keeping warm and dry. 🙂

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Love, love this floppy hat and authentic Boho look! Thanks for linking, xo



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