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Weekly Wardrobe – My first jeggings!

Yes, that’s right. I have never owned a pair of skinny jeans or jeggings before; however I have been so desperate for comfy trousers for winter, I have succumbed! I have short legs and chunky thighs, but I’ve been working on my squats and lunges, and have decided fu*k it, who cares anyway if they don’t look brilliant – I need to keep my legs warm! So I bought these in the Next sale and have decided they actually look alright with a long jumper. By the way, snow was gently falling outside when these photos were taken and I was too chicken to brave the cold. So I’m afraid these photos are not up our usual quality as we’re inside on a dark winter day…..

Styling jeggings

Actually, the long jumper was also from Next in the sale, and if you’re lucky, you might find it on a sale rail, but it’s no longer online. I picked it out for the gorgeous heather colour, and it was a bonus to find the material is 100% merino wool, so even though it’s quite thin, and not at all chunky; it keeps me really warm. I’ve been wearing it with a long-sleeved top underneath and surprisingly have been warm enough until late in the evening. (We do have a very cold old house.) I also like the fact that it’s slightly longer at the back, so I know it’s definitely covering my bum, and the tie means I can pull it in for a more flattering fit if I want to.

Grey jeggings

As I already mentioned, the grey jeggings are from Next, and I was pleased that the grey goes so nicely with the pinky purple of the jumper. I wasn’t sure about the pockets on the thighs, but they don’t seem to add much bulk so it’s fine.

Long jumper

Blowfish boots

The grey slippers are actually meant to be proper boots, but as they’d be no good at all in the rain, and they are so comfy, lightweight and warm; I wear them all the time now as slippers. They are from Blowfish. This is another reason why I am now an official convert to jeggings; there is no need to flap round the annoying bit at the end of boot-cut or wide-leg trousers to fit into your long slippers, or for that matter, your wellies. And they are so flipping comfortable! I see now, why everyone I know wears jeggings quite a lot.


The other good thing is that I now have a reason to buy all those tunics that are slightly too short to wear as dresses with normal leggings; and too long to look quite right with normal trousers. Excellent! I’ll keep you updated.

Shop the look: (All similar I’m afraid as the Next website no longer has these items.)

Are you a fan of jeggings? Am I the only person in the world who’s only just cottoned on to them?!

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These leggings are v. cool and suit you so well. Love the last pic with pretty kitty! Thanks for linking up, xo



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