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Styling a ruffled jumper – Weekly WArdrobe

I’ll be honest, I had such a difficulty finding something that went with this jumper – I tried on so many bottoms! It would be fine with jeans or trousers, but as I explained in this post, I don’t own any winter trousers, and it isn’t quite long enough for me to be comfortable with jeggings….

Styling a ruffled jumper

Almost all my skirts are knee length or longer, and this jumper just looked frumpy with all of them (and yes, I feel like I did try it on with all of them!) Then I came across this short plaid skirt which is the perfect colour, and lo and behold I think I finally hit upon the outfit!


Styling ruffles

The ruffled jumper by the way was from the Next January sale. If you’d like to see it on video, take a look at my January Sales Haul. As I expected, it is not the most flattering of jumpers because the ruffles just make me look wider; however it’s so pretty, and so warm and soft, I just love it!

I actually adjusted the jumper slightly by adding the vintage white lace to tie up at the front and back, which flattens the ruffles at the sides of my body and shows that I actually do have a waist. Otherwise, I think I would probably have taken it back, but it was definitely one of those occasions when a needle and thread is all you need!

I do have to be a little bit careful that this jumper doesn’t scream ‘Look at my boobs!’ Unfortunately tying the lace underneath them, with the ruffles framing them, it can look a bit like that! I tried tying the lace to the back as well, but the large expanse of the same fabric wasn’t particularly flattering and the lace at the front does help to break that up – perhaps I should look out for a long statement necklace.

I bought the skirt from a shop called Charlotte Russe in California during our first visit to a proper American mall in 2009. To be honest, once I’ve found more items to go with the jumper, this skirt might not last too long in my wardrobe. I hardly ever wear it out because the front tends to hang lower, so I’m forever trying to pull it down a bit at the back. It’s also the wrong length and shape for me really, but I’ve kept it this long because it’s comfy! I’d love to find a pleated version in the same pattern and colours.

The pinky purple leggings were also from Charlotte Russe – it’s so rare to find coloured leggings, I thought I’d buy them while I had the chance. However ladies, I wouldn’t recommend them as the brown pair I bought at the same time went bobbly really quickly. This was actually the first time I wore this pair because they also don’t fit very well – they’re too low on the waist at the back and slide right down to my bum crack when I bend over, which just isn’t comfortable! I’ll stick with the New Look leggings I usually buy!

The fold-over black boots work particularly well with this outfit as the plaid fabric is similar to the pattern on the skirt. These were a cheapy pair bought on Amazon as I couldn’t find fold-over boots anywhere else. I shouldn’t have been tempted as they have already cracked in the crease above my toes and I’ve only worn them a handful of times. Oh well, we live and learn. If you see a decent pair that are similar to these (ideally a bit cheaper than the Dr Marten’s I’ve listed below!), I’d really appreciate it if you could let me know!

By the way, I’ve seen a few 30 plus bloggers say they’re too old to wear ruffles. Boll*cks to that! I’ve always been drawn to ruffles on clothing, so the fact that they’re all the rage at the moment is a big bonus for me and so what if I’m approaching 40?!

Shop the look:

Miss Selfridge ruffle jumper

(Similar) I know this is the wrong colour, but it was the nearest to the style that I could find. It’s reduced to £17 at House of Fraser.


New Look skirt

(Similar) Grey plaid skirt from New Look.  Or:


Nine West Women's Basic Seamless Legging, Plum, Small/Medium

by Nine West [Nine West Womens Socks & Hosiery]
Price: - -


Dr. Martens 1914, Women’s Hi-Top Slippers

by Dr. Martens [Dr. Martens]
Price: - -

(Similar) Or:


Hands on hip pose!

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This is a lovely look – the sweater is really charming and I love the lace ties. Thanks for linking up, xo



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