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3 Red dresses – a mini haul

Red dresses

I’ve heard on good authority that whilst red was around for the Spring/Summer 2017 collections; it is going to be the colour for Autumn/Winter this year. I’d like to say I’m just fashion forward and ahead of the game, but really my husband, Chris bought me these three red dresses to try because he wanted me to wear one for a photography competition with the theme ‘red’. I think he did pretty well!….

Long sleeved red dress

This long-sleeved one I’d call more of a tunic than a dress as it’s too short at the front for me to wear without leggings underneath. It’s one of those rare items of clothing that can class as cool as well as comfy – I love the dipped hem at the sides and the little thumb holes in the sleeves.

Red tunic

Red dresses from Amazon

Long sleeve red dress

Red dresses clothing haul


Red maxi dress

This red maxi dress is probably one I won’t actually wear, although I can see it looking really good for Instagram! It’s polyester chiffon and a little uncomfortable; not to mention that I look like a chorister in it! I had lots of fun testing out its floatiness for these photos!

Floaty red dress

The brand is Buenos Ninos.

Dancing in nature

Red boho dress


Red t-shirt dress

The last dress is the one Chris chose for me to wear for the photo he had in mind – me levitating over the hilltop! So I’m afraid I didn’t get many ‘normal’ photos of me in this dress as I was too busy lying precariously on two wobbly stools in order for him to get the shot!

30 plus fashion blog

The brand is Viishow and it’s a comfy lightweight jersey material and definitely a dress I’ll wear a lot through summer.

Fashion blog over 30

red summer dresses

And here’s Chris’s final shot:


More red dresses you might like:

From Joe Browns

Coast, from House of Fraser.


If you’d like to see the video of this red dresses mini-haul, then please have a watch here….


And of course, I couldn’t wear a floaty red maxi dress like that one without re-recreating the dancing lady emoji!

Do you have space for more red in your wardrobe?




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