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Glastonbury Festival 2017 – Review & photos

Pyramid Stage at Glastonbury

Yes, I know it’s a bit late in the day, but I think I’ve written a review of every Glastonbury Festival since this blog began, so I can’t break with tradition can I? This was the first year I vlogged the whole event, so I’ve been intensely editing all the hours of footage I came home with, so please click the link if you’d like to watch the video. Anyway, Glastonbury 2017 will definitely go down as one of my favourites and I have to be honest, that’s mainly due to the perfect weather! I don’t go for the bands – if you’ve been to Glastonbury Festival, you’ll know it’s about so much more than the music, and it’s almost impossible to explain why……

Stilt walkers at Glastonbury Festival

Walkabouts at Glastonbury Festival

The entertainment from walkabout acts as you wonder through the theatre and circus fields. I found myself doing the YMCA by a mobile disco with bubbles and a giant glitter ball!

Unicorn headdress

Being able to wear what you want – such as a unicorn horn. Rain bought hers at one of our favourite stalls, Fairy Love. On Wednesday I usually go around as many stalls as possible doing most of my clothes shopping for the year! Obviously there will be a haul video coming soon on my You Tube channel!

Sculpture at Glastonbury Festival


Green fields at Glastonbury

Being inspired in the craft field and Green field areas when there’s a gap in the music long enough to look around them. I always come back wanting to make my garden look as amazing as those areas. And the sari sun shade looked beautiful and is definitely something I’m going to try to recreate.

Sophie Ellis-Bextor

Those annoying clashes and deciding who you’re going to forgo and agonising whether it was the right decision. Sophie Ellis-Bextor was brilliant in the Avalon tent, however I could only watch a little before running down the old railway track for Lorde at the Other stage. I’m gutted I didn’t manage to watch British Sea Power as I was pretty impressed with them on the Other Stage in 2004, but have hardly heard of them since. Three Daft Monkeys had about twenty sets, but they all seemed to clash with something! I did catch them in Toad Hall on Saturday, but decided not to watch Kaiser Chiefs at the same time as my feet couldn’t manage the walk to the Other Stage. I kind of regret not being there for I Predict a Riot.


Circus photography

Being in awe of the skill and talent of the performers in the circus Big Top. Acts in there are a bit hit and miss and Space Cowboy annoys me so much I have to leave if he turns up, but this year I was lucky and caught some excellent shows. Wookey Hole Circus were amazing as always, and so were High Society.

Flags at Glastonbury Festival

Just chilling; people watching or staring at the flags.

Foo Fighters at Glastonbury Festival

Getting caught in those amazing moments when the band you’re watching has the entire field full of thousands of people in the palm of their hand. This was when Foo Fighters asked everyone to turn the torches of our phones on. They were brilliant! My other music highlights were dancing to Katy Perry and Elle and the Pocket Belles. Watching and singing along to Lorde with Rain and Jude was definitely up there too.

Johnny Depp at Glastonbury

Johnny Depp. ‘Nuff said.

I’ll be honest, because I was concentrating on vlogging this year, my photography suffered. I had loads to choose for my photography post of Glastonbury Festival 2016, but not so much for this one. They were also taken on my vlogging camera, the Canon G7X, which I’m not used to for photography at all; so I need to work out a better system for both vlogging and also taking my usual Panasonic GM1. It’s a tricky balance between just having fun and enjoying yourself, or carrying around and being careful of two cameras but coming home with a better record of your time. That said, maybe I need more practice with the Canon as I did get some good sharp images in low light that I was impressed with, and the zoom is amazing if you can keep still enough.

Did you go to Glastonbury Festival 2017? What were your favourite moments?



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