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Styling a simple blue dress – summer fashion.

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As you can tell, these photos were taken on a warm day in spring, back when the bluebells were out in full force; but this is still an outfit I’m wearing four months later, so I thought I’d do some catching up as I haven’t written so many fashion blog posts recently. This was actually an impromptu photo-shoot as we were out hunting for bright yellow rape-seed oil flower fields. We always see them next to the road when we’re not looking for them, but when we were it took us hours! We saw the dappled light shining through the trees and thought we’d hop out the car and take some photos there just in case we never found what we were looking for….

Eventually we actually did, but we got so many nice photos in this woodland location, I thought I’d save the rape-seed oil ones for another day.

I bought this blue dress for £5 at Glastonbury Festival and I’m afraid there’s no brand label so I can’t tell you where to get it from except that it’s made in India. It’s so comfortable, lightweight and easy to throw on in the summer, so I looked for similar dresses online and these are a couple I found, also at bargain prices:

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styling a blue dress

The only thing that annoys me about this dress is that the armholes are a little big and come forward a bit, revealing the bit of squashy skin above the bra – not a good look. So unless it’s a particularly hot day, (in which case, who cares?), I look for a shawl of some kind so I feel a little more confident in the outfit. This particular one also came from Glastonbury Festival (two for a fiver about seven years ago), but with the art of crochet on the rise again, perhaps you can find someone to make one for you. These are similar ones I found on handmade and vintage emporium, Etsy:

From Orchard Vintage Shop. £21.99 and from the 1970’s.

Handmade shawl

This one is handmade and you can ask the maker at Tatjana Boutique for other colours too. A bargain at £22.

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blue summer dress


There were so many bluebells in these woods, it was amazing!

Art company shoes

My shoes were bought second hand, and are by the Art Company. These are the same design with the asymmetrical lacing, but in a slightly different colour:

And these are the same pretty socks:

by - [-]
Price: - -

summer wardrobe

I hope this post has given you some inspiration for your summer wardrobe. If so, please share on facebook for your friends to have a look at as well 🙂 And I hope our British summer perks up a bit and we can throw on some lovely summer dresses again!


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such a lovely setting! thanks for linking up,




This dress is perfect for you! The color is awesome
xx Ele



What a beautiful place! Love your dress. You look very cute! 🙂



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