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Review of the Rose and Crown restaurant in Dunton Green, Sevenoaks, Kent

Review of the Rose and Crown in Dunton Green

There is a fundamental problem about going to visit my parents, and that is that the dog has to sleep in our bedroom. If he doesn’t he ends up scratching the door or waking everyone up whining, so instead I suffer with the noise he makes while he sleeps. Imagine something like a cross between an elephant and a sea-lion snoring whilst dreaming of mating, and you’ve almost got the level of noise our beloved Loki makes at night. (And day for that matter. Whenever he’s asleep basically.) So I admit, I was in somewhat of a tired daze the day we went to the Rose and Crown pub restaurant in Dunton Green to celebrate Dad’s birthday. However, I do remember the essentials well enough to write a little review….

It was a cold December day, but the Rose & Crown was lovely and warm with real fires burning. My first impressions of the decor was impressive. They had succeeded in the tricky task of combining old-fashioned country pub with up-to-date and modern. Horse brasses hung over the fireplace, but the wood beams were rough sawn enough for a hipster to happily get their Instagrams.

Review of the Rose & Crown in Sevenoaks

Our waiter (whose name I’m sure was Andy) was very attentive and coped fine with the fact that some of us chose from the set Christmas menu while others ordered from the regular one. The choice was therefore better for us than normal, but I thought the options on the ordinary menu were a little too classic pub, and not enough variety. Think fish and chips; scampi; beef pie etc. Whenever I write a restaurant review I’m often complaining about the lack of a simple meat and vegetables option and sadly this was nearly no exception if it hadn’t been for the Christmas menu.

pub restaurant reviews in Sevenoaks, Kent

However, the food was definitely a cut above you’re average and was very tasty indeed. Chris enjoyed his burger (and they managed to actually listen and not put in any salad or sauce which is rare); Jude liked her vegetarian pie, Rain enjoyed her steak and the little ones had a good choice from the children’s menu. It was also a reasonable price point.

where to eat in Dunton Green Sevenoaks, Kent

Would I recommend The Rose and Crown in Dunton Green? Yes definitely. Would I eat there again? I’d go for a Sunday roast, but otherwise to be honest, no – at least not at the moment. If the restaurant changes the menu or adds more options that I like the look of, then I would. Luckily you can see the menu online so you can keep a look-out! Take a peek for yourself at the Vintage Inns Rose & Crown website.


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