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The summer evening jacket. A handmade pixie hem hippy-style coat

age 40 fashion blogger leaning on bridge wearing a pixie jacket

I have to admit, although we recently took the photos for this jacket; spring is actually a very difficult season to wear it due to its lack of waterproof-ness and the inclination in England for it to suddenly rain two minutes after the sun is blazing! So that’s why I entitled this as being ideal for summer evenings. It would also be great festival fashion as the pixie hem and unusual woven fabric gives it quite hippy vibes, whilst also being warm when the sun goes down, and perfect for sitting with friends around the bonfire after a night of dancing….


over 30 fashion blogger wearing a blue pixie jacket

This jacket was actually a Christmas present from Chris, and I’m pleased it’s finally warm enough to wear, as although it’s great for keeping off a cool evening chill, it isn’t thick enough for winter. It’s lined in cotton and the outer layer is woven cotton with a jade blue background and a pink and red pattern. I love how unique it is.

Style blogger wearing a blue hippy coat

The jacket was handmade by The Fairy Godmother Clothing Company. From looking at the website, there are several beautiful colour combinations, but I like this one the best, so I’m lucky Chris chose this one!

Hippy pixie jacket

The lace-up back is a detail I love as it reminds me of historical corsets; but also it’s practical because my size often changes so it makes this pixie jacket very versatile for me.

Fashion blogger over forty wearing a hippy pixie jacket

It also has a large hood that’s just the right size. I’m not a fan of the long pointy pixie hoods that you sometimes get on hippy jackets, so I’m glad this one has a more traditional round hood!

Fashion blogger over 40 wearing a handmade hippy coat

Over thirty style blogger wearing a hippy coat on a swing

We took these photos in the grounds of National Trust property, Barrington Court in Somerset. We’ll definitely return to have another go on this swing in summer! This is the best photo to see the front of the jacket properly as I didn’t want to risk my scarf trailing in the mud! Wooden buttons are very on-trend at the moment, but that doesn’t really matter as the ones on this hippy jacket just go perfectly with the style. I also like how they fasten off-centre; just another design detail that makes this handmade item of clothing so different from the usual coats and jackets you find on the High Street.

Fashion blogger over 30 wearing a pixie jacket leaning on an old bridge

style blogger wearing a handmade pixie coat leaning on a bridge

The knee length brown leather boots I’m wearing are by Dublin, and have been very comfortable and proven to be waterproof. I’m very pleased with them!

40 year old fashion blogger amongst camelias

If this is your style of clothing, then check out Etsy for more handmade pixie designs. I can’t wait to wear my jacket through the summer.

40 plus fashion blogger next to red flowers


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that is a truly lovely piece! So glad you’re getting to wear it now that it’s warming up. Thanks for linking, xox



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