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Styling the summer 2018 trends: The mustard yellow dress

Styling a mustard yellow dress

I don’t remember the last time I wore yellow. I don’t think I even wore it as a child, but the muse (or something) descended, and I was inspired to buy two yellow dresses in one day! The first was a paler yellow dress from Marks and Spencer – view the style post here – and then when I popped into Primark to buy a bra to wear with it, I spotted this mustard yellow dress and picked it up too!….

I’ll be totally honest, I’m not a Primark fan, and I said to Chris when we went in, ‘Don’t let me be tempted to buy any clothes while we’re here.’ However, he let me, and I was! I LOVE this colour! It’s almost more gold than yellow, and just seems to glow. I love button up dresses and the fabric was light and floaty. So all those things led me to purchase this Primark dress.

lifestyle blogger watching sunset in Cornwall

UK fashion blogger styling a mustard yellow dress

However, it does have it’s down-sides. From previous experience, I know to go up at least one size in Primark, so I erred on the side of caution and picked up size 20 in this dress, particularly as I wanted it to be loose and floaty. I still wish it was more loose and floaty around the stomach and hips, but it’s weirdly baggy at the armpits! Also, although this isn’t a body-con shaped dress, you do still have to be feeling pretty confident about your body when wearing this dress as the thin material doesn’t disguise much! Bare this in mind if you’re thinking about buying the same dress. Primark did the same one in a royal blue, but knowing how fast they turn around styles, I expect you’d have to be looking on ebay now for either of them.

Primark mustard dressMustard button down dressStyling a mustard yellow dress30 plus fashion blogger wearing yellow dress

The dress feels really nice to wear. The fabric is viscose, made to feel quite like silk. If it wasn’t for the strange fit (a consistent problem I find in Primark is that their pattern makers don’t seem to know how to size up a garment. My boobs are not in my armpits!) I know I would wear this out more often. For now, though, it’s mainly a round-the-house dress, and when the weather is a bit cooler, it will look brilliant with a blue jumper over the top.

Over 40 style blogger wearing a yellow dress

By the way, we took these photos in Cornwall at Wheal Coates. We got there just in time for sunset and watched the sun sink into the sea, which was lovely. It was then of course too dark to finish taking outfit photos, so we returned in the morning when the sun was shining and was surprisingly warm for the spring day it was. If you would like to see the video of our camper van trip to Cornwall, click that link to take you to the vlog.

Without a proper full-length mirror in the camper, I hadn’t actually realised there was a waist tie untilmustard yellow Primark dress half way through the photo-shoot! Chris said it looked good tied at the back like that, so I kept it that way. It is flattering and breaks up the plain fabric, however I have since mainly worn the tie in a bow at the front to one side.

Denim blue shoulder bag with mustard dress

I love royal blue or navy blue accessories with mustard yellow, so I chose this dark denim shoulder bag to wear with the dress and I think they work perfectly together. I bought the bag in Macy’s in America (The one in Stamford has a ‘Macy’s Backstage’ area with past season’s stock heavily reduced in price) and the brand is CargoIT.

If you like the look, here are my suggestions for similar mustard dresses to try:

new look yellow dressyellow dressesyellow dressmustard dresses

I wore the mustard yellow Primark dress on holiday last week on the day we traveled from Rome to Venice. This time I had a white scarf with rose gold butterflies on it, draped over my shoulders, and as I happened to match the decor of the air bnb we were staying at, we took a few photos there too! (Keep a look out on my Instagram for more photos!)

styling a mustard yellow dress

I don’t remember another time in my life when yellow has been a fashionable colour to wear. I’m definitely a convert; have you discovered you like yellow?


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Lovely dress – and i do like the tie in the back! The color does my complexion no favors, but looks glowing on you. xox




Thank you Patti! I wasn’t sure if yellow suited me either, but I think I get away with it!
Best wishes
Helen x



So bright and happy! Lovely pics x




Thank you Eloisea 🙂
Helen x


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