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Styling a blue floral 1950’s style dress

Probably the best thing about having a husband who is a keen portrait photographer, is the fact that he sometimes buys me clothes just so I have something new for him to photograph. How cool is that? And this blue floral 1950’s style dress was one of those items. You’re not getting any complaints from me!….

over 30 fashion blogger wearing a blue fifties dress

I love the fifties’ style and as a curvy lady, dresses like this are almost always flattering. The bodice is fitted, but not tight, and the skirt flares out from a high waist, disguising the bits I prefer to hide.

Over 40 style blogger in a camelia bush


Chris also chose the right colour and print. Blue is good on me as it brings out my eyes, and I usually prefer small floral patterns to large bolder prints. The tiny flowers are yellow, so I am now on the hunt for the perfect yellow cardigan to wear with it. On the day we took these photos, I had a grey cross-over jumper from Forever Twenty-one to keep the chill at bay when the clouds came over.

30 plus fashion blogger wearing a 1950's dress

I love wearing Converse plimsols with nineteen-fifties’ style dresses as it brings me all the Grease vibes and I want to start dancing a jive or something! Not to mention, they are so comfortable.

lifestyle blogger at Lanhydrock

Style blogger wearing a blue floral dress & rucksack at Lanhydrock

We did this photo-shoot at Lanhydrock in Cornwall when we were there on a camper van holiday. On a whim I bought the rucksack from the Primark in Truro as I thought it would give a more traveller feel to my Instagram photos, rather than my usual shoulder bag! Oh dear; is it a little sad to be making purchases purely for the Instagrams?! Maybe, but it definitely got its use on our recent holiday to Italy (several related blog posts coming soon!) so I don’t feel guilty about it! This was the first time I used the rucksack and I remember now how much more comfortable they are!

Style blogger standing in front of Lanhydrock stately home

Over 40 lifestyle blogger taking a photo40 plus British style blogger

I realise I have got this far in this style blog post and haven’t yet mentioned where the dress came from. Well, Chris buys most things from Amazon, and clothing is no exception. There are some great brands on Amazon, but also quite a lot of cheap China imports as well. This dress falls somewhere in the middle actually, as the quality is actually pretty good, but the name on the label says, ‘Bbonlinedress’ – not something I’d heard of before, and the price was a very reasonable £16.

British lifestyle blogger walking in gardens

The fabric is cotton with a little bit of lycra, making it very comfortable, however it is let down by the very cheap polyester lining on the top half. Before the heatwave hit, I wore this dress a lot in spring and early summer, so I think overall, Chris made a very good choice!

British fashion blogger over 30 wearing a blue floral summer dress

To show the dress to it’s best 195o’s effect, I wore it with a poofy net petticoat skirt underneath. I loved it! Perfect for twirling!

Shop the look:

Here are similar dresses on Amazon with good reviews:


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