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A Christmas Party Outfit – Styling a black tutu skirt

winter party outfit

Styling a black tutu tulle midi skirt with a silver crushed velvet cami vest top and maroon cropped cardigan…

Isn’t it a wonderful feeling when two items in your wardrobe that have never met before come together and get on really well? This was one of those ‘Yes, this really works’ type moments!

Styling a black tutu skirt

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And carrying on….:

Although I think black suits me, I haven’t been buying much of it lately – I don’t know if I’ve gone off it a bit because it’s so difficult to photograph for blog posts?! But I sing with a community choir and for all our concerts we’re asked to wear black bottoms and a brightly coloured top. And I’ve worn the same skirt every time for about three years, so when I spotted this tutu-style skirt I had the perfect excuse to buy it! To be honest, anything ballerina-like in any way, I’m all for, so I suspect I would’ve bought it anyway! It would dress down really easily with trainers and a jumper, but I thought with Christmas rapidly approaching, I’d put together a winter party outfit for the holiday season.

Christmas party outfit ideas

The crushed velvet vest top is from Next, and has hung in my wardrobe a little unloved until now as I don’t have many options to go with it. (Another reason for the skirt purchase!) The silvery shimmery effect is perfect for this time of year and definitely adds a glamorous Christmassy feel.

winter party outfit

Lindybop fashion

The cardigan is an old purchase from Lindy Bop. In the close-up photo you can tell it’s going bobbly, but I’ve just bought a comb that supposedly gets rid of the bobbles, so I will give that a go and hopefully it works as it’s mainly real wool and lovely and warm. I love the pearl buttons and the vintage look of the cardigan and although it’s sometimes difficult to style black with colour and still look classy, I think silver grey and maroon do the trick.

Christmas party outfit ideas

I wore the outfit with black leggings (no surprises there!) though tights would look better for a party. We actually took the photos for this blog post while exploring near Connecticut, America, and were at little park near Newport, Rhode Island on our way back from visiting Boston. I hadn’t packed tights with me – if you’re a regular reader of my fashion posts here or on YouTube, you’ll know my aversion to the nasty little never stretchy-enough things! However I had packed a pair of smart-looking black suede ankle boots I’d bought in New Look about this time last year.

winter ballerina style outfit

The sycamore leaf pewter necklace was a Christmas present from Chris a few years ago, bought from a regular seller at the Bath Christmas Market. I don’t have many statement pendants, but this is definitely my favourite.

Size 18 plus size fashion

I’ve just realised I haven’t actually told you where the black tulle tutu skirt was from! I bought it on a previous trip across the pond from a shop there called Charlotte Russe (sort-of similar to New Look). This is the try-on haul video if you fancy having a look at that and other items I bought in the summer.

styling a black tutu skirt

Hopefully this will help if you’re looking for Christmas party outfit ideas, and if you like this winter ballerina look, I’ve found some similar velvet cami vest tops and tulle skirts from Asos:

What will you be wearing to your Christmas dos this year?

Here’s the outfit in action:

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jodie filogomo

I adore all tulle skirts and adding the velvet top is so perfect!!



Thank you Jodie! Sorry for my late reply – Happy New Year!
Helen x



I love it!! So different, so you. Here in New Zealand it will be summer frocks and shorts, beach, barbeques and sun.



Wow! That is completely different; I’ve always wondered what that must be like for summer at Christmas!
Thank you 🙂
Helen x


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