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A 1970’s Vintage-style dress

a vintage style floral dress

I’ll be honest, I totally forgot about this photo-shoot we did back at the end of summer! What with our month in America and week in the Canary Islands, I’m afraid I’m a bit all over the place! I bought this ditsy floral dress from Zara back in the January sales and I’d been saving it for autumn as the colours and pattern are just perfect….

Just because we’re well into winter now, doesn’t mean I can’t wear it though! I now layer my mustard jumper over the top and that works perfectly.

floral zara dress

I didn’t actually realise quite how vintage this dress actually looks until I was going through the photographs. The three-quarter-length fluted sleeves, the high waist design and buttons all down the front along with the floral print on a brown background – I don’t know how I didn’t notice – it practically screams the seventies!

autumn floral dress

1970's style dress

I’m sorry, the writing for this post is going to be much shorter than usual because this afternoon, two of my fingers on my right hand were strapped together at the minor injuries hospital unit, and it’s making typing rather difficult! (Nothing serious – probably a ripped tendon I need to rest.) But this floral midi dress didn’t need much styling, so apart from the Timberland boots that you’ve seen a zillion times already in my previous fashion posts, there isn’t much else to say about this outfit! Vintage dresses are really hard to find in my size, so I was pleased to come across this Zara dress for a similar style.

seventies style dresses

floral vintage style dress

By the way, we took the photos at a beautiful walk near the Golitha Falls in Liskeard in Cornwall – a beautiful place for a break on your way in or out of the county.

vintage style dresses

autumn fall fashion

Here are some similar dresses from Asos you might like:

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This outfit is in a Lookbook video if you’d like to see it in action:


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