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How to style Lagenlook clothing

how to style lagenlook

Winter is the perfect time of year to experiment with Lagenlook, as in this weather, layering is what we have to do anyway! For this outfit I wore a loose-fitting long-sleeved top underneath, then a pinafore type dress and then a waterfall cardigan.

what is Lagenlook? styling a lagenlook dress

What is Lagenlook?

Lagenlook is a European style, I think originating from Germany, and literally means ‘Layering look.’ It’s quite an arty, unique style, often loosely fitting to suit all body shapes and is perfect for layering. I particularly like skirts worn over a longer petticoat skirt.

how to style a lagenlook dress

I bought this pinafore striped dress second hand from a Bulgarian seller on ebay; it has no labels so I can’t help you with the brand for this one. I like the ruching on one side to give the dress a quirky detail. Ruching, by the way, is going to be a big fashion trend for spring/summer 2019, so I’ll probably be picking this dress to wear quite often this year!

Styling a lagenlook dress

ruching detail on a dress

I don’t usually go for a striped pattern on clothing, but these were faded for a vintage look and quite subtle, so I went with it.

styling lagenlook

How to style a lagenlook dress?

Like many lagenlook items of clothing, the fabric is a soft linen. So I could layer it over a vest top in summer (or just a bra if I was feeling brave) and be very comfortable in the heat; or do as I have done for winter, and wear over a long-sleeved top (this one came from EverythingFivePounds.com). Then you can layer a loose jumper or cardigan over the top of the dress. The great thing about lagenlook fashion is there is also plenty of space for a thermal underneath layer if it’s really cold. This dark grey waterfall cardigan is from Tesco (possibly currently in store still) and gives a flattering shape to the outfit, as well as keeping me a bit warmer! Temperatures have dropped since we took these photos, and leggings underneath would look great.

lagenlook fashion

styling lagenlook clothing

What shoes to wear with lagenlook fashion?

I like a chunky sole to my shoes when I go with a lagenlook outfit. In the summer I pick leather sandals and in the winter I love wool socks peaking over the top of ankle or calf length boots. However here I wore a pair of chunky shoes from The Art Company and wore them with nice cosy thick socks and they are perfect for the lagenlook style!

layering lagenlook clothing

styling a lagenlook dress

By the way, these photos were taken at Harriman State Park, New York,  when we stayed in nearby Connecticut in October. If you’d like to see the dress in action, the lookbook video filmed there is below.

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