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Blogging problems and Making blog plans for 2019

Styling a fifties dress in winter

Happy New Year! I cannot believe we are welcoming in a new year already! Anyway, it’s time for me to sit down with my blogging notebook and make some plans for 2019. A little bit of your help would be really appreciated 🙂

I was starting to get all in a fluster over losing track of the photo shoots Chris and I have taken for the fashion side of this blog. I sat down over a series of nights with old episodes of Jonathan Creek, and got myself organised. It turns out I have forty-eight; yes that’s FORTY-EIGHT sets of photos ready to go for fashion blog posts! I mean, that’s ridiculous! The problem is, we’ve been travelling a lot over the last couple of years, mainly around New York state and Connecticut in America, and whenever we go exploring, we make the most of it by doing a little photo shoot while we’re there!

Styling a 1950's dress

(Please scroll down for notes about this outfit 🙂

My other blogging problem is the backlog of travel notes and photos, which go back four years! This includes the massive family road trip from New York city, to Washington DC to New Orleans to Orlando we took in 2016. I always mean to type up these notes and create blog posts as soon as I get home, but, you know, life and such gets in the way and it’s always pushed back and back.

a blue 1950's dress

I also have about fifteen half written blog drafts in WordPress waiting to be finished, and I’m nearly up to three hundred on my list of blog post ideas in my notebook waiting to be written when I have the time! So my blogging goal for this year is to get on top of my old posts so I can spend more time on my current ideas. My personal problem is that I’m not very good at just leaving something behind. It’s probably for the same psychological reason that I find decluttering the house so difficult! I would just leave those old notes and photos alone and move on, but despite the fact that I enjoyed those holidays and trips at the time, it still seems such a waste if I don’t tell you about them! I guess this is the plight of the blogger!

Over 40 fashion blogger

I personally like reading blogs that have more of a diary-style format, particularly for general lifestyle blogs that don’t have an exclusive topic. It’s more about reading about what’s going on in the bloggers’ lives rather than learning about something in particular.

So my question is, do you mind if some of my posts are from a while ago? Because I would really like to finish all these blogs and tell you about my experiences. And as my fashion style isn’t usually ‘bang on trend’ anyway, I personally would hope they still offer outfit inspiration. I’m not a big enough blogger to be sent current collections from brands and designers (Though if you are one and are reading, this, please feel free to change that!) so I’m usually incorporating old items in my fashion blog posts anyway. But would you feel, I don’t know, cheated in some way if the photos we’ve taken or the trips I’ve had aren’t from the last couple of weeks? Or months even? I would dearly love to use 2019 to get up-to-date on everything, so that hopefully by the end of the year I can almost start afresh again, so for you as a blog reader, would that be fine, or would it put you off?
Thank you!

1950's flared dress

Other goals for When I Grow Up blog in 2019:

  • Collaborate with other bloggers.
  • Try and stick to a regular schedule so you know when to expect my posts.
  • Try and have those posts written and ready to go in advance, rather than getting stressed at the last minute to meet my deadlines.
  • Finish adding featured photos to old posts.
  • Don’t start writing a new blog post until the previous one is finished!
  • See if I can carve out time for a second video every week on my YouTube channel.

Please let me know if there’s any content (specific or general) you’d like to see me make this year and I will do my best to provide it!

Petticoat for a '50's dress

By the way, this 1950’s style dress was actually a random present from Chris before we went off to America for the whole of last January a year ago. Believe me, it was flipping freezing taking these photos! The dress was bought from Amazon, along with a turquoise petticoat to wear underneath. The black cardigan is an old one from New Look. Here are the same dress and boots if you’d like to recreate the outfit:

(I recommend going up a size in the boots to fit well.)

And if you’d like to see how I styled the dress in spring, here’s another blog post about it!

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