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It’s cardigan season! Styling a khaki linen dress with a waterfall cardigan

Styling a lagenlook outfit

This black waterfall cardigan was a charity shop find, and I love it! Not all waterfall cardigans are made equal – I like the shape of them, but some have too much fabric around the back of the neck, and some don’t have enough fabric at the front (do you balance the waterfall bit on top of your boobs, or let it fall to the side of your boobs?), but this one, originally from Marks and Spencer is perfect!….

Styling a lagenlook outfit

And I do love a good cardigan and I don’t care how old that makes me! I feel they’re pretty much essential for this time of year because one minute you’re baking hot in the sunshine, and the next minute the clouds come over and it’s freezing! A cardigan can quickly be slipped on and off without any trouble, and some (although not this one) are small enough to scrunch into your bag. Perfect.

Styling a black waterfall cardigan

Layering a cardigan and linen dress

On this occasion I’m wearing the cardigan over a khaki sleeveless linen dress from Zanzea Collection. It’s a really comfortable shape without being too sack-like and and gives the outfit a lagenlook style. The length is ideal for spring – I’m not ready to get my legs completely out yet, but on a warm day it’s nice to finally swap my leggings to bare legs under my dresses! I also love the way the dipped hem of the dress is echoed by the uneven hem of the cardigan so they go really well together.

Over 40 fashion blogger and seaside graffiti

I styled the lagenlook outfit with woolly ankle socks and chunky trainer-style leather shoes from The Art Company. They’re quite a bright orange-brown and give the outfit a pop of colour whilst still blending in with the neutral tones.

A lagenlook outfit, hippy fashion

Details of a soft waterfall cardigan

The fabric of this cardigan is a polyamide, viscose, cotton and angora blend. It’s beautifully soft, warm and has washed well with only a little bobbling under the arms.

A bohemian layered necklace

I wore the outfit with a layered silver necklace with beads of peach and soft white, and gives it more of a bohemian vibe. This was also a charity shop buy, and I’m afraid I can’t tell you where it was originally from. I don’t usually go for heavier jewellery, but I really like this necklace and now I’m on the look-out for similar in other colours.

Styling a bohemian lagenlook outfit

By the way, we took these photos at Watchet, a lovely harbour village in Somerset with some cute little shops – definitely worth a visit.

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